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hows it going, I recently purchased VIP extended and I was wondering on how I get the proxy. and how I get them to work. I have 2 accounts I want to use at the same time. I also have a VPN client on my laptop that changed the IP of my computer every time I turn the program on and off. should I use that or the proxy? whats the difference? also how do I set up the program to break for me. ive tried and cant quite get it. thanks for the help.

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A VPN is like a proxy for your whole computer, and they're usually public IPs so not a good idea for botting.


A proxy (specifically socks5 if we're talking Tribot) is generally used for individual applications. You can use a separate proxy for each Tribot client applet you are running. There are countless socks5 proxy sellers on the internet, I recommend virmach personally.


To use a socks5 proxy with Tribot, open tribot and then click View -> Proxy editor, and enter your proxy info. Now start a new advanced client and choose your proxy from the drop down list.


As for breaking, read this thread - https://tribot.org/forums/topic/18639-how-to-use-the-new-break-handler-tutorial-by-zainy/

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