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[Suggestion] Changing tab proxy with API method

Add API method for changing tab proxy  

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  1. 1. Should an API method for changing tab proxy be added?

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Recently, about ~50% of my TOR proxies have started to get flagged. The accounts that logs in to these flagged proxies gets account locked after only ~2 minutes of ingame time.




This for me today, is a big problem. I'm aiming to run an automatic farm in short future, but with these proxy flags only 50% of the accounts will work.


I'd be able to fix my botting problems if there was an API method that allowed me to change the proxy assigned to the tab. If this existed, I'd make the script change tab proxy if the account received an account lock, and then continue to bot with another account.


For example, the method could be called like

General.setProxy(String proxyProfileName)


General.setProxy(String adress, int port, String username, String password)

Note: The username/password could be null for proxies without authentication


Another method should also be created that returns the information of the current assigned tab-proxy, such as


Which could return the adress, port, username and password of the tab-proxy in a String array. This method would be useful for users that has scripts that interacts with the web, the proxy information would be used on the web connection.


I understand that these methods could cause harm to people who aren't aware that these methods are being called in the script, so therefore there should be two added options (Allow scripts to change proxies & Allow scripts to obtain proxy information) to the Script Settings tab in the Settings menu.


Would be really cool to see this addition to the API, it'd help me alot and would also be very useful for other users who uses advanced scripts and systems.

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Why don't you just use normal proxies?

If I used normal proxies I'd need to buy new proxies when I received account bans, and then update the proxy settings and potentially my client starter profile. With TOR I can always use the same proxy connection details (, and if I want to change the proxy IP's I can just renew the TOR session with two clicks, and all of my TOR proxies will all have new different IP's.


One of my automated farming goals is to not be required to change anything in the client starter profile, which I don't have to when using TOR proxies.



This is false. This happened to me a while back and it seems like your HDWI is flagged.

No it's definitely the proxies. I don't get account locks using my main IP, only certain proxies

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