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Basic Botting Goal

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So I have 2 accounts in the process of being made into fishing bots. They are going to have certain Combat stats / maybe Skill Stats with 40-50 fishing. These are just Trial and Error accounts for now. Seeing what levels do what for me when Botting. I might do some free quests that don't need Items bought from GE only scavenged items. So think of 6-10 QP on the accounts. Hopefully everything will go well. :) and hopefully this helps everyone.



Am Botting on (1) Accounts

Since I have started Botting I am thinking about taking a 1 day break every 2-3 days of Botting. We will see how this goes. And will keep you updated when I take breaks and how many days Botted before the break was taken.


I didn't get banned on my main for fishing to 70 fishing when I only had VIP and a Premium Fishing Script..  So I hope I can get these to at least 80 before getting Banned.

I will be running these accounts only 6-8 hours of Botting a day.

I will be fishing Lobster as it is a good cash cow and somewhat good XP.


I will be taking pictures Daily of Progress and Catch.

Sorry for misleading information/confusion of the thread.

Am taking Tips/Advice on what I should do or add to accounts.

(applies to thread also)



1. Day 2. One FULL Day Break ; After 8 hours of Botting (Bot #1)

2. Day 2. One FULL Day Break ; After 7 hours of Botting (Bot #2)





Current Lobster Stock: 8k Raw Lobster

Current Shark Stock: 0 Raw Shark


All Night Botting:

1. Day 2 - 12/17/2015 (Bot # 1)

2. Day 3 - 12/20/2015 (Bot # 2)

3. Day 3 - 12/20/2015 (Bot # 1)





As of 12/21/2015 I am Perm. Banned on (1) Accounts.

Reached 68 Fishing. :P

Due to this ban. I will not be over night fishing.

Mainly because my mule missed a 400k transaction as I was out.

As of now. 65 Fishing is my only account, have (1) Accounts left.


1. One account completed. 40 Fishing. 7 qp


2. Bought VIP -Extended

3. Bought Membership (2) Accounts

4. Am using LG

5. Second account completed. 44 Fishing. 6 qp



6.  Bought 1 Proxy


What I have now:


VIP (Updated VIP-E)

Basic Hand Trained Account ( Fresh Account )

Premium Fishing Script.

Using Looking Glass

Bought Membership (2)

Bought 1 Proxy

Fishing Lobster ( Sharks at 76 Fishing )



Upgrading to VIP-E

Going to be using LG

Most likely will buy a proxy

 OSRS Membership

Fish Sharks


Short term goals


60 Fishing

No bans

60 Fishing (2) Accounts


Long term goals


80-90 Fishing

No bans

10m? :)


Levels/Catch may vary


DAY 1 - 12/16/2015. 8Hrs of Fishing (1) Account (lagged in and out a lot :() (Bot #1)




DAY 1 - 12/17/2015. 7Hrs of Fishing (1) Account (Bot #2)





Day 2 - 12/17/2015. All night fishing (1) Account. (forgot to turn bot off ; wanted 50 Fishing :/)(Bot #1)




Day 2 - 12/17/2015 7hrs of Fishing (1) Account.  (Bot #1)






Day 2 - 12/19/2015 8hrs of Fishing (1) Account. (Bot # 2) 



Do Not have picture of catch. Sorry. 


Day 3 - 12/20/2015 All Night of Fishing (1) Account. (Bot #2)





Day 3 - 12/20/2015 All Night of Fishing (1) Account. (Bot #1)



Do Not have picture of catch! sorry!


Day 4 - 12/21/2015 Perm Banned on (1) Accounts ; Reached 68 Fishing.


Day 4 - 12/22/2015 A few hours of Fishing (1) Accounts (Bot # 2)





Day 5 - 12/24/2015 7 Hours of Fishing (1) Accounts (Bot # 2)



Don't got picture

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