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[ABC2] USA Lava Dragons [Multiple Spots][Anti-PK][Trident]

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Maybe make it to where the script doesn't add non stackable items of value 10k + to the looting bag?  In case of death to a pker, you at least get to keep the rune armor (whereas when it's in the bag, you just lose it upon death regardless) , and things worth protecting over ... say a staff of fire.  I feel like this would increase the actual profit overall, since pkers are inevitable at this point.  (can hop from a pker to another... they like easy pks :< )

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A good option would be to run if you're walking towards your lava dragon spot, instead of walking and tanking 3-4 hits then dying. It should eat more often, and not walk while being attacked. Overall a great script though, would buy if it was a premium and had these little problems fixed :)

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When in the wildy, even traveling there and back, logging out should be the #1 priority at all times.  I used to camp lava drags for hours without getting pk'd just by babysitting with HideFromPlayers running. If the script logged me out, I'd just hop and camp til I get logged out again. No matter what I was doing, it'd take control of the mouse and log out. If something like that would be implemented, I'd definitely consider buying a premium version (especially since Integer stopped supporting his shortly after I bought it :dodgy: ).


A few possible premium features you could add:

  • Choose whether to
    • Bury bones
    • Log out only if skulled or above certain level
    • Telegrab loot from a certain safespot
  • Wilderness Diary support
    • Wilderness Sword support
    • Lava Dragon Isle shortcut support
    • Edgeville/Wilderness Lever support
    • Ancient Obelisks support: able to choose your destination when teleporting through the Obelisks
  • Alching/camping mode
  • Detects/replaces items like
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Little proggy here.



Ran the script overnight, did a great job. Unfortunately it stopped because I ran out of runes, and I didn't manage to take a screenshot. Perhaps an idea to make a screenshot before the script stops?


Sure, I've added that and will be pushed in the next release.

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Loving the script so far @Usa just started using this on a few :) a lot worked out since my first couple runs using it. I will let you know if I run into any problems as well but it's going pretty well on all accounts

Still only 1 problem: new looting bag picked up and for first time looting bag it doesn't click through the intro but I'm sure somebody has reported this

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Has anyone had any luck using a trident with this script?

trident doesnt work as for now. it keeps banking when its used and not goin to lava place even its its empty or full doesnt matter.  (@Usa when this gets fixed would be awesome if u can add a toxic trident to!) 


07f52ec17cbb5dceca1b643668041691.pngRunning 3 accs now goin stronk just added new ones :P

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@Usa my only suggestion to this script would be to add support for using defensive casting so defence could be trained too :)




Has anyone had any luck using a trident with this script?


The Trident was for mainly for testing but is incomplete, is this something you'd like to see added permanently? 

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I have been watching the script recently and it has been dying a lot for no reason it will detect the person and not log out I am not sure what causes this.


I have also noticed it has been putting valuable items in the looting bag rune kites dragon spears etc anyway to prevent that?

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