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[Updated][Critical Announcement] Client Detection

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Could you provide more details? I am assuming that something else must have gone wrong aside from them detecting you through looking glass. It seems like everyone who was using LG has been safe from client detection. Is it possible that you may have been flagged in the past month(s) and banned only recently? Is it also possible that a bad script (or any script running for too long) could have been behind this? 


That message doesn't mean they detected any clients, Jagex are able to catch botters from analyzing heuristics collected from all the hours you bot. They probably look at things such as time between clicks, areas of the screen clicked, reaction times, and if there is any kind of overall pattern to what they are doing which is too consistent for a human to maintain. Eg, if you run a script which takes 10 seconds to do X action and has 20% randomness built in, all you're doing is building a pattern where you take 8-12 seconds to do the action. A human could only keep this up for so long before they would inevitably take longer or less time to do the action - statistical outliers. Poor scripts will not produce these ever.

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