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[Updated][Critical Announcement] Client Detection

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@TRiLeZ since when is the client detectable? possible that it is over a month already?

All started on 18 november, I got 16 accs banned using regular client, 19 november 45 new accounts banned, than I 20 novemeber 40 new accounts banned all using regular client, since that I am using looking glass and no bans.

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Why is tribot being targetted? This issue only seems to only be effecting us rather than botters as a whole.


I suppose if you want to make a statement you go after the client that prides itself on being the most undetectable one. If RuneMate's statement is anything to go by it's possible they were aware of this specific piece of detection code before TRiLeZ was.

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Has it been determined whether our client information is logged to Jagex and they go through and investigate the account then ban it?


Or does it need to be manually looked into?

There is no way of knowing.


Why is tribot being targetted? This issue only seems to only be effecting us rather than botters as a whole.

All botters are affected; not just ones using TRiBot.

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Thanks for the annoncement, i assumed as much. I ran a little experiement myself in the past, 2 accounts botting fishing, in barb village. both same levels, leveled together at the exact same time.

I used Looking glass on one, and just the normal client on the other.


And the account i wasn't using LG with got banned.

The other is untouched, non-member too.


Both at the exact same time, in the same world.

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Up until this detection method, there was no evidence of Looking Glass doing anything to prevent bans, as stated by Trilez many times since its release. 

I agree, I have been absolutely fine without LG for a very long time. Only recently have I been forced to start using it, and since then my banrates are back to normal. Ofc I lost a couple of mules first... but that's how it goes!

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