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Black Market Rules

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Black Market Rules

Last edited: October 27, 2016 (erickho123)

All other forum related rules apply, however these are specific rules for operating in this section.

What sales are not allowed?

  • Account sales of any kind. (RuneScape, Netflix, Steam, etc.)
  • Guide sales (Leveling, gold farming, etc.)
  • Account rentals of any kind (i.e. Stakers)
  • Unbanning services (No games at all, Runescape, WoW, Steam, etc)

No Spamming

  • Do not double post on your threads.
  • You may only bump your thread every (24) hours.

No Scamming

  • Do not mislead users in your transactions.
  • Do not charge back a user when you have received what you paid for.
  • Do not use terms of service that override the black market rules.
  • If you own a service and employ workers, you are fully responsible for that worker and whatever occurs during the transaction.
  • If your TRiBot account is compromised, you are responsible for whatever damages occurred while the account was not under your control.

No Advertising

  • Do not post external website links on your thread unless you are VIP or higher.
  • Do not hijack other threads to bring attention to your service.
  • Offsite vouches are not relevant on this forum, the feedback system is what you may advertise.

Basic Terms of Service

  1. The seller has right right to refuse an individual's business.
  2. Using the feedback system after a trade is completed is optional.
  3. The seller must issue a refund if the buyer did not receive the goods/service he/she paid for.
  4. If communicating outside of the forums, the buyer/seller must confirm who they are trading with by private messaging each other on forums before the transaction.
  5. Before establishing a service there must be a clear definition in the timeline in which the service is expected to be completed, breaking this will permit grounds for a opening a dispute. In addition, other elements of the trade should be clearly defined to assist in securing a safe trade for both parties.
  6. The selling party may have his/her own terms of service but may not override any of the statements made above.

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