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[ABCL] pWine [Wine Drinker/Filler/Maker] - BETA

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Hello Triboter's this is my first script released to the public and would like as much feed back as possible on future scripts! Planning to re-code this later on with more efficient code and plan to release more scripts in the future.



Profit can range from 70-100k depends on prices.

ABCL possibly 10 didn't add up the points.

Makes Wines

Fills Jugs (Supported locations G.E, Falador West Bank)

Drinks Jugs of wine and bad wines







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sweet thank you very much, good job so far so good :)



The script deposits Jugs of water then closes the bank and re-opens it to withdraw wine  :s hopefully this doesn't get me banned 

Edited by rizla666

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Can you please make the script drink whilst running? It saves a lot of time :) Awesome script anyhow, thanks for making it!

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    • By idkfa
      It seems that with the upcoming updates the green dragon, zammy wine, zaff's staves and rune shop bots will be eliminated by a targeted attempt from Jagex. Especially the first two are pretty iconic scripts. What do you guys think?

    • By lawjestaw
      Request: WIne of zamarok grabber
      Description: The script shoulda be able to use the falador teleport spell , and grab the wines with the fastest speed possible 
      Payment Amount: We can discuss in private
      Time: less than 5 days
      Additional: live:lawjestaw_2 my skype , pm me here or there
    • By lawjestaw
      i am looking for a f2p wine of zamoark script
      please send me a msg so we can discuss
    • Guest
      By Guest
      hey everyone, lately I have been on the search for a zamorak wine grabber that operates at the chaos alter at approx. level 30-40 wildy. this is a great location for a script to telegrab wines of zamorak as there is low traffic of other players, also a feature to use a looting bag. this lets the script telegrab a whole invent of wines and put them inside the looting bag, to then continue telegrabbing a second invent before banking and making its way back.
      I have seen other players botting this but very few.. but can not find the script they use or maybe they are private to them.
      can anyone help ?
    • By Sphiinx
      SPX AIO Cooker

               Repository Link


      JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats Supports wines Supports almost all food Stop at a specific level Stop at a specific amount of food cooked Handles doors Custom cursor  

      Catherby Cooking Guild West Falador East Falador 1 East Falador 2 Al Kharid Rogues Den Wines anywhere  

               Progress Reports

                    Change Log

    • By Straxer
      Script name: EmptyVinegar
      Script author: Straxer
      Current version: 1.01
      - Removed leftover debuging code
      - Speed impovements, now 3900 jugs per hour!!
      - First public release
      Current efficiency: 3900+ Jugs per hour
      Requirements:  Rag and Bone Man quest started (NOTE: no requirments to start the quest!)
      Description:  Buys vinegar for 1 coin each from the Wine Shop in Draynor. Empties the vinegar to obtain Jugs. Banks.
      Start in Draynor bank with coins in either bank or inventory.
      Empties vinegars while going to bank Hops world when shop out of vinegars  - Avoids PvP worlds GUI with Run Time, Jugs banked, and Jugs per hour Normal distributed sleep times as AntiBan measure Multiple failsafes to avoid getting stuck  
      Source code: http://hostcode.sourceforge.net/view/5562  |  Constructive criticism is appreciated! 
      My skype: straxer4
      Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1871
      1 hour progress picture:

      "A Friend" inspired me to make the script
      Here is the video that inspired me: 
    • By Razre
      Version 1.0
      This is an extremely basic script that makes wines. Threw it together because I couldn't be bothered getting 50-something cooking for heroes quest. Now, this script is extremely basic and was put together in a matter of less than 10 minutes. It's not the best script in the world, nor will i expect it to run flawlessly for 100 hours.
      This was mainly created with the intention of babysitting this on one of my other monitors. Do not leave this unattended as there are no fail-safes implemented etc.
      Following how basic it is, the only things required for this script to run, is the following;
      Grapes Jugs of wine  
      Thankfully with the flexibility of the current API, it shouldn't matter where these items are located in your bank, but as always, it will probably save time (in the startup) for the items to be place in the top row of your bank.
      If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to send me a PM(I'd prefer a PM rather than congestion on the thread) Most likely there will be a few errors, but I've been watching over this script for 45 minutes and haven't run into any problems.
      Code is below, or class download is here.
      Submitted to repository. 
      Edit; Denied. Most likely as it doesn't have any antibans and TriBot wants to part itself from anybody complaining about that. So just stick to placing the .class file in your script folder.

    • By ITryNotToTroll

      Makes wines at any bank Has a paint What else do you want!? Locations:
      Be near a bank  

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      We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release.

      Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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