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Radiation X

Free League of Legends Advice[Diamond Player]NA

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Hey there Tribot. About a year ago I made a thread offering free and paid advice for LoL players. From then, I have made many friends from the tribot community. Today I am offering free advice on how to effectively climb the ladder and win games. I am an EXTREMELY skilled Leona player (top 10 north america), but am very knowledgeable in other roles. Add me ingame "Gemstones". SAY YOU ARE FROM TRIBOT PLEASE. 


Recently updated a bronze and silver player's masteries/runes. They couldnt stop thanking me as it significantly improved their gameplay. Days later they climbed almost 3 divisions. 


Free tips:

1.) Dont take ranked too seriously. Every elo has trolls and unskilled players. Dont get mad/tilted


2.) Master 1-2 champs. I played Leona 90% of my games, from Silver 4 to Diamond. Leona has no hard counters which made picking her even more worthwhile. Play 1-2 champs hardcore(different positions), and you will climb easily


3.) Know your strengths/weaknesses. Can u land skillshots like a god, how is your wave management, objective control, etc? PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS. If you're a skillshot beast, pick up morgana,etc. 


4.) Mute trolls, they only piss you off


5.) Dodge if you have some extremely toxic player in champ select, its always better to dodge than playing with some1 who wants to lose. 


6.) If your not having fun you're doing it wrong


7.) You only have to be good enough to be carried. Your 0-4? Let the 6-1 Veigar carry you. Dont rage. Listen to his calls


Can only add NA players sorry. "Gemstones" my user. hmu if you wanna win

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