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Mobile game development - Need suggestions

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Hey guys, so for the past few months I've been working on a basic mobile game for Android and IOS platforms. It's nothing special, I thought I'd just make it in my spare time for fun, and to help me with my software engineering / game development degree. It's nearly finished but I thought I'd ask you guys for a bit of advice before releasing it ^_^.


Basically it's a endless zombie shooter, similar to the game Boxhead if you guys have ever played that.


Here is a preview of the game for those who are interested:








Updated screenshots:


Decided to make a new UI myself ( with pointers from Sphiinx  ^_^ )


Moving joysticks






Note: In the video I am invincible and have a s***load of money, normal users will not.

Also my recorder lowered the FPS A LOT, it usually runs at 60FPS on all devices.


About the game:

  • Top down zombie shooter
  • Joystick controls
  • Works on all android devices including tablets, I haven't tested on IOS but it should work fine. 
  • Character customization: Name, hair colour, hair type, skin colour, t-shirt colour, boot colour.
  • 6 Weapons at the moment: Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, dual pistols, bazooka, flamethrower. I plan to add in many more in future updates. 
  • Local highscores
  • Sound
  • Fully functional shop where you buy weapons and ammo
  • Decent looking UI


I still have to do the following in the game:

  • Come up with a good name <- If you help me come up with a good name I'll give you some 07 gold :P
  • Create a decent home & splash screen, need a name first.
  • Add in a global highscores
  • Add in facebook affiliation, e.g Like the game on facebook and recieve ingame credits
  • More weapons <- Have any suggestions? Let me know
  • Add in a tutorial system
  • In the future I will add in in-game purchases and advertisements, for now it will be completely free. 

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I'm open to changing any aspect of the game so let me know what you think.


Thanks ^_^

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Imho, you could really use a nice graphic designer. Some of the stuff for the theme you're going for don't match and also a lot of the stuff is out dated designs.


Graphics are a big deciding factor whether someone chooses to play it or not.

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@Sphiinx Yeah a lot of it was just hand drawn on my tablet, and other aspects done on photoshop (The UI). In future games I will hire or partner up with a proper graphics designer. Note that everything is still a work in development, my main focus was on the programming. If you're a graphic designer yourself I'd love some help ^_^

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