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Hello guys, 

i Would like to share with you guys my method i have been using so far for 3 days and its going great i am littarly making 6hours in nmz with Dharok/Whip/Guthans/Range runecbow mithril bolts) AFK!



Software's you need: 

- Mouse recorder (I am using GhostMouse Free ) 

- Autoclicker.



So here is it how you do.

Make sure, you have 6 Overloads/22 obs potions in your inventory.

Run to a corner inside NMZ,

Once you done this start your mouse recorder since the autoclick i am using (Gary's hood) can only go up to 60seconds of waiting i am doing the mouse recording in 60 Seconds.

Once ^ everything uphere done start the mouse recorder and at the same time also watch the timer or something you want to use.

While recording make it click outside the Nightmarezone which nothing will do then just off the monsters for 1Sec, then random click few times on inventory icon/or Stats icon.

Then wait 20seconds and while you are still recording start click good and fast on the potions you have in your inventory! 

once that is done and you  have reached almost the 60 Seconds,

Do not click on the mouse recorder to stop SIMPLY move your mouse to the replay BUTTON on the mouse recorder and hit F9, or what ever your key is to stop the recording.

Once you done this get your autoclicker put it on 60seconds, make sure the mouse is stopt on the reply button.


- So the mouse recorder will repeat the things you recorder like clicking somewere to not logout, and drink the pots so u wont die quick and survive for the whole 6hours by drinking ur absuPotions, 


I totally figured this myself out one night and it worked for 5hours straight and logged out cause i did run out of bolts inside NMZ -.-


- Now the bad thing i heard about this,

It gets really fast detected cause its doing everytime the same thing which will  be seen as robot/Botting. ( So when you record ur mouse try leave it as much off the screen as u can) 

-This never got confirmed i have trained 3days straight i am atm 92 att/97 str/97 hp/92 def and training with guthans.



Sorry for the bad english if you dont understand something just simply comment and let me know?! 

Let me know what you think about this or can YOU figure something out by this idea?!


Thanks for reading!

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You're going to get your ass handed to you by Jagex buddy. It's not worth the time when you have those stats and items already. 


And if you're really trying to show your method, take a video because anyone who hasn't used either of those programs will have no idea what you're talking about. 

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Should just use LG and exNightmarezone. Less sketch

 Straight up the easiest way to do it...

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