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USA Pickpocket [ABCL10][Easy setup]

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Welcome to USA Pickpocket.


This is a basic pickpocketing Script that will take the input of any NPC name (case-insensitive, spelling exact) and continuously pickpocket that NPC. It will walk back to the tile that you started the Script on if it is not on the mini map in the event of deaths or it walked away for some reason. Enjoy.













  • ABCL10
  • Stunned Timer
  • Walks back to starting tile if it is no longer on the minimap or your player cannot reach the starting tile 
  • Hovering over NPC while stunned
  • Custom NPC clicking method for efficiency 
  • Simple paint
  • Eats anything in your inventory with option "Eat" at low health (random 3-8 HP)
  • Death walk
  • No banking
  • Will only thieve NPC's that your player can reach



  • Position your player on a Start Tile
  • Start Tile is recorded once you start the Script
  • Select the NPC from the JOptionPane that you wish to pickpocket
  • Enjoy the quick thieving experience!


Enjoy :)

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why not use a jlist to grab all npcs around and choose the desired npc, rather than users input? @Usa


Because one line, feeling lazy, and I wrote this in 10 minutes while having a conversation with another Scripter.

		String name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Enter NPC Name you wish to Pickpocket");


does it support banking/food?


Nope! Be prepared to die Sucka! ... or @Butta!

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