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[SUGGESTION] How to decrease bans

Would you like a more Human-Like Mouse Speed implemented to TRiBot, That's NOT consistent.   27 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like a more Human-Like Mouse Speed implemented to TRiBot, That's NOT consistent.

    • Yes.
    • No, This will not make any difference. (If you click here - Let me know another method how they'd detect macros.)

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I feel like even without the human mouse, there should be a setting implemented whereit will randomize mouse speed between x and x, and occasionally very slow, as well as add some movements as to add to the illusion of multitasking irl sucha as bringing the mouse in as if you were on facebook or something on a different screen.


Scripters can implement your second suggestion, like TRiLeZ said using Fitt's law you can simulate the human mouse the best way. Humans follow pattterns and aren't completely random. The Fitt's law slows down as it moves towards a target and goes faster as the distance is longer, etc.

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I know im late to the post, but what about somthing like this?



Mouse.setSpeed(General.random(85, 160));
        int randomspeed = General.random(7, 15);
        double speedsleep = 0. + randomspeed;
        double speedsleep2 = 0. + randomspeed;
        sleep(General.randomDouble(speedsleep, speedsleep2));


randomises the sleep interval and teh speed overall?



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On 2015-09-25 at 4:13 PM, TRiLeZ said:

Starfox is right. We can't simply have mouse speeds which are completely random. By definition of randomness, humans aren't random. They follow patterns.


Ayways, TRiBot's mouse movement is not static. With each movement, the mouse accelerates up until half way or 3/4 way, then starts decelerating as the mouse reaches the target, which is how humans generally move their mouse. But the difference in speed isn't that great as to make the speed difference noticeable to the human eye. However after statistically analyzing mouse speeds, the speed differences are noticeable.


We also use Fitts' Law to differentiate mouse speeds as a whole, based on target distance and size.




TRiBot already has the built-in functionality. See above.

TRiLeZ has commented on this, and it won't be happening.


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