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free proxy severs?

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@tsghgtfo Free proxies can be used yes, but they may have already been used for runescape and may result in a quick ban on your account (known as IP flagging). They also have very poor latency and go down a lot due to the fact multiple people are using them around the world at the same time for multiple uses. So yes, they can be used, but their practicality for something like botting is very low.


I'd suggest buying a private socks5 proxies for botting. I sell them and have a webstore, we accept PayPal and RSGP and once you pay, your proxies are instantly shown to you on the webpage. It's all automated so you can order 24/7 even with RSGP without having to wait for anyone to be online. If you are interested you can visit my store at http://socks5proxies.net/


You can also view my service thread here to learn more about socks5 proxies: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/45085-moderator-100-fully-automated-montreals-private-proxy-service-instant-delivery-low-as-310-automated-pp-rsgp-payments/


If not, you can google for sellers, or checkout the service section of our black market forums

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