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Hunter Skill Bot Farming. Updated Daily.

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Thought I'd make another one! Up on request ! <3

Accounts Alive: 2

Accounts Banned: 0

Using private socks5 proxies for each account.

-will bot 24/7

Hunting Red Chins.

Will try to hide as much as I can now due to getting banned less quicker.

whats the difference? (im trying to ges banned less quicker now, for exmaple i've done some changes that might change the way jagex detects bots. we'll see how far they'll survive. (i think i found something that may have stopped jagex from detecting me as a bot. )

thanks for viewing my post. :)


Day 1:

getting accounts to 63 hunter. (no pics)


Day 2:

Making Money




Day3: going strong.



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