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Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

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I don't know how new this issue is as I haven't botted in a few months and only just restarted yesterday. But some of the premium scripts I had purchased lifetime auths for, no longer show as activated.


The scripts I've noticed are;

- Combat AIO

- wHunter


I contacted Assume about this (combat aio) and he said to post here that it's an issue that had risen since the repo was updated yesterday.


Edit 1. 

- Also realised I am missing Relleka Crabs, by Runite Rocks

- NewFTW Fisher, by NewBotterFTW

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Was this before or after the new repo system? 


Honsetly not to sure I only came back to botting yesterday so don't know what time this update happened. Though I do have a feeling it may have been before. But then like I mentioned I had been botting earlier this year and still had the script so its not the October 2013.

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It sounds like 2 different errors ( I may be wrong). 


For those who have the script bought on the repo: 

This seems to be something new. Try checking your client settings; make sure you dont have 'Load local scripts only' checked. You can see this option by going to Files> Settings on the client. Make sure it is NOT checked. 


For those who's scripts have disappeared from the repo: 

This is a known issue and is being worked on. All users who purchased the script before the release of the repository will experience this bug. You should all get your scripts back soon! Just need to hang in there. 

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Is there any word on this? Annoying as hell having just rebought VIP and not able to use the scripts I want. For all I really know is no one even knows of this nor if it is being worked on, seems there has been no word from Trilez.

Fixed! Thanks to TRiLeZ

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you say you had it pre-repo?

yes, i was running it prior to when i first started posting in this thread. even posted in your thread a few times about little things about my attack style switching. I've had the script for years like when you first made it, just got back into botting. 

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