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Does looking glass make a difference?

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@TechnologyZ 3 Days ago, I botted for about 10 hours during the day without LG in f2p, and my accounts were banned over night. Yet, whenever I bot with LG using the same exact script and settings, I can bot for 3 days straight with no breaks and get the stats I need for the account to be bonded/gold farmed. My accounts have been running 24/7 for 2 months straight with LG and a public script.


Looking glass makes such a huge difference in your ban rate, I don't think it's worth my time to argue with anybody over it. Botting 24/7 is the proper way to bot, and looking glass allows you to do it without bans.

are you really sure about that? banrates are extremely high, besides i7 with 16gb ram runs 3 LG clients and can run like 30 tribot regular clients, and botting f2p is like 50k/h gold so i cant see how lg is better than regular.. might missed something my part. 

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