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Repository Upgrades

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Hello community,


Today, we are releasing some upgrades to the repository, which are:

  1. The way we keep track of script auths/instances has been vastly improved. This improvement will prevent users from losing access to purchased scripts when the user has purchased different type of auths (montly auths, unlimited auths, etc.).
  2. A script's "instances per auth" is now attached to a user's auth for the script.
    • Say a user purchases 1 auth when the script offers "3 instances per auth." Then say the script writer changes the "instances per auth" to 2 the day after, and the same user then purchases another auth. The user will get 3 instances for the first auth, and 2 instances for the second auth, totaling 5 auths.
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I'm having the same problem.

Try deleting .tribot and reinstalling tribot. Think of it as a fresh install. .tribot is where the tribot loader access info so if there were problems in there, deleting and reinstalling tribot would force tribot to do a fresh install and hopefully fix any nagging issues you've had before.

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