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1m/h No Requirements [Botting method]

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Found this on a merching/flipping forum. can't be bothered botting it due to lack of time, so i might share it with the botting community. feel free to make a private script for it.





RIP 1337 post count



raw text:


"So this is a fun one. Found it while checking the margins of super combat potions, on both (3) and (4). saw big difference, and decided i would buy super combat potions for all my cash. They pretty much bought instantly.

So insted of decanting from (3) to (4). you have to manually decant from (4) into (3).
You do this buy decanting (4) into (2) (you do this will all your pots), then you decant some (2) into (1) (you do this until you have an equal amount of (2) and (1) in bank)

So if like me you bougth 443 super combat pots (4), you will end with 590 (2) and 590 (1). The last step is very tedious. This is where you have to combine (1) with (2) and get your finished product.


So i bougth 443, which should have given me 590 (3), but i ended up drinking and a bunch of them. By the end i am 6(3) short. This made me 780k and it took 45 mins. If i had not messed up, this could have been around 1 mil profit for a little less then an hour work. Someone like boaty could probly do 1000 (3)/h which is 1.5m /h.


as a side note, it takes a little while to sell of the (3)'s. So do this an hour before you go to sleep, or leave to do something, or you can do it any time of the day if you have enough cash to flip. Took me 30 mins to sell 556, but i got lucky. Some one bought 2k super combats while mine where in ge."

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lol, that forum sucks, they're all idiots. the flip page is kinda useful if you're good at flipping though.


best method I found on that forum was cutting diamond bolt tips before they crashed


edit: just to make sure you guys didn't miss the last line of that copypasta, "as a side note, it takes a little while to sell of the (3)'s", this basically mean you can't farm it. One account doing this is probably enough for the entire game.

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lol, that forum sucks, they're all idiots. the flip page is kinda useful if you're good at flipping though.


best method I found on that forum was cutting diamond bolt tips before they crashed

i don't like the forum either. but this method is pretty decent for no requirements

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