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ITryNotToTroll's Scripter Application

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  1. 1. Scripter?

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Yup, it's me again.


Last application (The "New Source" for the smelter was added after)







I'll try not to let this drag on too much. I started programming back in 2013, for tribot. It was the first time that I really started to delve into code, but honestly, until recently I didn't really do much programming. I've been kind of muddling around for a long while, but now I seriously want to start learning. I believe that my skills have improved quite a lot since back then (I actually found my first smelter, which you can find here if you're at all interested) since completing projects such as a small platformed and I'm currently in the process of completing a minesweeper bot, which I know isn't that complicated but I enjoy it.


About tribot specifically, I believe I have starting writing scripts that are a lot better laid out and a lot, well, less crap then the ones I created before. I enjoy creating scripts for people to use, and I believe that lately my scripts have been better and easier for people to use. What I want to do now is get even better, hopefully to a much higher level in the coming months and years as I learn more.


About the community aspect, I'm fairly sure none of you should see that as an issue, I have tribot up on a monitor constantly and post frequently helping people out with various things.


Why I believe I should be a scripter


Because I want to help people out, and want to learn more. I believe that both of these would be easier to achieve while being a scripter, due to people being more willing to use my scripts and give feedback if they see that logo and being more involved with the other scripters in the community. I've been on tribot for a long while now and hope to give more back.


What I plan on providing the community with


Good, solid and useful scripts in all areas. Support with issues, and answers for questions.


Do I agree to not only update, but provide more free scripts to the community?


Of course 





A request for scripters reviewing this


Can you please leave feedback on your opinions? If you find something wrong with my code, or something I can improve upon, can you please tell me what is wrong rather than just linking a large thread, or saying "No". Thank you!







Thank you! I actually didn't realise the first thing. I added the second section after because I noticed that sometimes the bank would not be loaded in time, so the script would falsely assume the bank was completely empty. I didn't notice that I could just put them together.


Second point: I've never though of it like that, will be implementing that from now on.


Third point: I do believe that I check most of the time, but I will adapt and do it more now :)




Sorry about that, I actually stole some of the code from another script (Tuna Potatoes) which has the items you combine change. I will start to update that now.


Is it better to keep code more flat? Is there any advantage to it or is it just better practice in order to make scripts more efficient? Should I use multiple method to help achieve this?


Is there any chance you could link this to me? All I remember is adding a sleep to help reduce CPU usage, but from now on I will increase it to that amount.



Updated code a little for @xCode and @Todd, any better?



Updated code 7:12pm GMT 20/8/15, please have a quick check through if you are judging based on previous code

Edited by ITryNotToTroll
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Things I notice:

if(Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {				@Override				public boolean active() {					General.sleep(20, 30);					return Inventory.getAll().length <= 3;				}			}, General.random(1000, 1500))) {				Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {					@Override					public boolean active() {						General.sleep(20, 30);						return Banking.getAll().length > 0;					}				}, General.random(2000, 300));
BankHandler.java: You have a waitCondition right after another waitCondition which returns true if the one before that return true. Why would you do this? The second one is unnecessary.


if(leather.length > 0 && leather[0] != null) {        if(leather[0].getStack() <= 5) 		Variables.running = false;} else	Variables.running = false;
Could be shorter:

Variables.running = leather.length > 0 && leather[0].getStack() > 5;
Banking.withdraw(0, Variables.leather.getID());				Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() {					@Override					public boolean active() {						General.sleep(20, 30);						return Inventory.isFull();					}				}, General.random(1000, 1500));
You may want to check if you have successfully clicked withdraw, so surround the Banking.withdraw with an if-statement before waiting.


I've seen more examples like these where you sleep after an action, without checking if the action was successful.


- -


Based on what I've seen I think you would be able to hold the scripter rank. Just make sure to check for some things like I mentioned above. If you could apply that to your scripts, it's a yes from me.

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I don't actually have a vote, but just some things I noticed from the wine script.


Also this line of code obviously needs to be fixed

RSItem[] one = Banking.find(Variables.itemOne);RSItem[] two = Banking.find(Variables.itemOne);

Some of your variables are not variables at all. Maybe have a Constants class instead.


Try to keep your code as flat as possible, sometimes you have code 7 indents deep. That's way to much for a simple bank handler class, no reason to ever put 3 timing.waitconditions inside of each other.

"General.sleep(20, 30);" 

Trilez wrote about this somewhere in his scripting guide, there is no reason to check this often in your wait conditions, average human reaction is around 200-500 ms.

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Not going to look through every script thoroughly since I've reviewed your code last time. I see improvements from the last time which is all I'm looking for. I would suggest moving the anonymous inner classes into a separate method to make the code more compact and readable.


You're an active and dedicated member of Tribot who provides the support for people in need. It's a yes from me.

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I'm going to vote yes as well because you've been at this community for a very long time, but your code definitely could be improved. xCode touched a little bit with them, please take them into consideration. I might go back and evaluate your code.


Scripts don't have to be perfect clean or as efficient as it should be to work, and you have provided these scripts for the community to use.

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I'm also going to say yes. You've been here contributing in the community for a long time and your scripts do a good job! As mentioned above, code could be improved but I still think you deserve scripter. 

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There are still some issues with your code, but as pointed out already this isn't the level of mastery we expect at the Scripter level and we are all still learning. You've shown a great amount of support and dedication to TRiBot and I believe you will make a good addition to the Scripter group.



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