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free scripts ?

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I'm new to this community and the last one i was in didn't offer so many scripts. Are these free scripts all stable ? or are they free because they break down a lot and have higher ban rate ?




Just curious how i should start botting with Tribot and what scripts i should be looking for.

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i wouldnt really bot with any free scripts unless they have an " ABCL" antiban, this is one of tribots requirements for prem scripts, and some scripters also put it on free scripts, without ABCL theres a super high chance your fucked.

If i was you, dont jump into anything, read up on proxies, read up on Looking glass, look at premium scripts if you want to bot smart, look at bans, how people get banned, and then from all this information find out what you want to bot for




If your into a small farm, maybe purchasing a few proxies and one prem script is worth your time.


Edit: Personally I have probably around 10 PREM scripts which i use for a variety of things, i use 4-5 constantly for money making, just look for lower bans, but higher GP, and find a balance.

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Some free scripts are good, others are not. Make sure to use scripts that have ABCL10. More about that on the TRiBot Updates thread I believe. 


Personally, premium scripts are better in most cases, but not all. 


Before using a script, look at the thread and see when the last update was and what other people are saying about the script.


Yes, proxies are also important. I have you covered there @ www.socks5proxies.net 


If you need a VPS I also have you covered with that (click my siggy). 


If you pay attention to what Jaybeez and I said, you should have no problems as far as scripts working.

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There is no guarantee scripts will be stable. I would recommend to always check the script's forum thread and do some research on it before using it. Check out comments / posts on the thread and make your decision from there.


Premium scripts generally are more reliable and have better anti-ban (ABCL 10 is required for premium scripts), however this is not always the case. Some free scripts also have ABCL 10 and are very stable.


I would advise you to check out this guide, and also this one.

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