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[Beginner Friendly] FC Paint System

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Today I will be sharing an extremely simple and easy to use paint system for your scripts. Some of you may have seen it in my open sourced scripts, but I think it would be beneficial to have a thread specifically for it.


This system allows for a nice, clean, easy to use paint. You can implement it within seconds when creating new scripts, and don't have to worry whatsoever about lining things up coordinate by coordinate.
What you will be adding (example)





To implement the FC Paint system, you will need two files:

After you have the two files, you must make your main script class implement Painting & FCPaintable. For example:


public class FCAIOMiner extends Script implements Painting, FCPaintable

Once you have that done, you must include these two methods in your main script class:

public String[] getPaintInfo() {
	return new String[]{};

public void onPaint(Graphics g) {

After that, you need to instantiate an FCPaint object in your main script class, as so (you can choose whatever color you want):


final FCPaint PAINT = new FCPaint(this, Color.GREEN);




After following the steps above, you simply have to fill out your getPaintInfo() method. For example, here is a basic paint:

public String[] getPaintInfo() {
	return new String[]{"Time ran: " + PAINT.getTimeRan(), "Planks made: " + planksMade, "Planks per hour: " + PAINT.getPerHour(planksMade), "Status: " + Vars.get().status};


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