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USA Dragon Killer [350-500k+/hr][Auto Responder][Death Walk[ABCL]

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Hi, first of all great script works well but there is a couple of improvement's which I believe would be easy to implement and make the script even better.
First of all regarding the use of potions and using special attacks, I think the script should pot first and then use special attack, this is the most human thing to do.
Secondly I'd like to see compatibility with super combat potions and anti fire/extended anti fire potions, would make everyones trips a little more profitable if we could use them potions.

Third, could we get an option to bury bones? This would allow us to get prayer exp instead of some profits/hour but we would be able to haul home more dragonhide.
Fourth and last point I'd like to bring up is that sometimes when I've selected to use combat pots it will for the first trip and then forget them in every subsequent trip, this could be fixed along with adding support for the other potions. 10/10 would buy again even without my suggestions being implemented but if they were that would be great. Thanks fam

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8 hours ago, DaneSC said:

Yeah. Not immediately but usually between 1-3 hours.

u need to use another java version, same thing happened to me but after this java versin 40 it stopped, install it and let me know if it will work

PS: u need a java account too.


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@Usa liking the script, few little bugs but frequently finding that the bots once they've teled to edge, will accidentally click the Poll Booth and then get stuck trying to click on the screen where the Bank Booth would be but are unable to because they don't close the Poll Booth interface. Are you able to look into this? Can provide screenshot if you like but it's pretty straightforward haha.

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