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USA Dragon Killer [350-500k+/hr][Auto Responder][Death Walk[ABCL]

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USA Dragon Killer
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  • Death support, will wield your starting equipment and continue on
  • Enemy player support, will avoid enemies with certain items and/or that engage you and remember them for future
  • Full looting bag support, will loot on kills and start using immediately
  • Price grabbing from OSBuddy for accurate pricing
  • Looting based on a coin value (default: 1,000gp) and will loot by the highest value item first
  • Will detect any Moderators in your area
  • Custom walking, blind walking, and pathing for ensuring efficient killing
  • Uses ring of dueling (banking) and games necklace (corporeal beast) for main traveling
  • Will use the clan wars free-for-all portal to reset your prayer or poison effects
  • Glory for emergency teleports, rarely get killed by pkers
  • Sets quick prayer for defence prayers and protect items to save gear
  • Recharges prayer if below a value at the clan wars altar and continues on
  • Auto Responder V2 (not added to the client yet) for intelligent conversations
  • Efficient eating system, eats on a randomly drawn % value on the initial start of the script
  • Paint is very informative and displays enemy players, loot taken, xp, etc.
  • Custom world hopping if there are over a certain amount of players are in your area
  • Super potions, Combat potions support
  • Poison, accidental-Skulling, 0 prayer renewal at Clan Wars
  • GUI with saving/loading profiles



  • 60+ combat (Recommended)
  • Weapon
  • Anti-dragon shield
  • Body armor 
  • Leg armor 
  • Amulet of glory (Charged)
  • Ring of dueling 
  • Games necklace 
  • Food (Tuna, Salmon, etc.)


Setup Instructions:

  • Fill out the GUI with your desired setting, hit Refresh to set your starting equipment.
  • Setup your options as the following
  • Auto-remove roofs
  • Set Auto-Retaliate to ON
  • Ensure you have multiple copies of your starting equipment in bank, including food, amulet of glories (charged), ring of duelings, games necklaces, and combat potions (if using that option).
  • You must have a body armor, leg armor, anti-dragon shield, and weapon at a minimum to run this script.
  • Do not equip your games necklace or ring of dueling, it will remain in your inventory.
  • Save your settings, you can start it at any location but the bank is preferable
  • Hit Start to begin using USA Dragon Fighter and enjoy the profits!









Dynamic Signatures


Replace "Usa" with your TRiBot username.








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From what I saw, if you have a looting bag in your bank but not in your inventory when you start the script it will not withdraw it


Yeah the Script is expecting you to have a looting bag in your inventory if it exists, otherwise it will pick it up off the ground and begin using it after you receive a drop.




- Uses custom price grabbing from the Runescape GE API

- Random NPE bug associated with ground items fixed




- Stores all item's values, prints out the value in the client debug

- Change worlds if "x' players has been modified to count all players visible on the minimap instead of on screen

- When changing worlds at Dragons, script will walk out of combat before attempting to world hop

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i noticed that if the script see's some1 dangerous on the map it will just keep walking in and out of range untill the player is gone. i watched the script walk in and out of the dragon pit for 5~10minutes untill the player left.


Likely trying to hop based on the amount of players you set in the GUI... I'm guessing it is walking out of range, noticing less than the advertised players.. and attempting to return without switching worlds. I'll have this fixed in the next update which will include full ABCL10 implementation.

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The script wont re-equip the shield when he get killed.


and when u pick first the higher valued items

bones first than hides it would be nice

also this, this script just says:

  • [16:01:06] Error, no shield found. 
  • [16:01:08] Error, no shield found. 
  • [16:01:09] Error, no shield found. 
  • [16:01:09] Failed to bank 3 times, shutting down. 
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- Additional failsafes for re-equipping your starting equipment set in the GUI

- Now loots items by the highest value first

- Updated method for changing worlds if too many players are detected

- Will evade if a Jagex Moderator is detected

- Will withdraw a looting bag if it finds one in your bank

- ABCL10


Script is now awaiting Premium approval.

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