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Road To 91 Runecrafting

18 posts in this topic

Day1-level 1 to 40

Day2-level 40 to 68

Day3-level 68 to 72

Day4-level 72 to 75 

Day5-level 75 to 78

Day6-level 78 to 81

Day7-level 81 to 83

Day8-level 83 to 83 currently slowing down on hours and bans. tbc

Day9-level 83 to 84

Day10-level 84 to 85

Day11-level 85 to 86

Day12-level 86 to 87

Day13-level 87 to 88

Day14-level 88 to 89 so close now hopefully i wont get banned

Day15-level 89 to 90 :D

unfortunatly it wont let me upload pictures

Day16-level 91 Achieved :D:P:) HAPPY DAYS AHEAD

Edited by charliepower

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Do it fast before Weath comes back man, he's gonna be banning EVERYONE.

Edited by GeoMLG

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I highly doubt you went from 75-78 rc, maybe tho, only say this because im literually running a specific runecrafting bot, for 24+ hours, one even lasted 32 hours yesterday, and day before, and im, getting no where near enough exp for that kind of stuff.

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