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Tri Firemaker - ABCL10 - 8 Locations - All Logs - XP Tracking - Multi Threaded - GUI Saving

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Using it for 50, working dandy so far.  Only problem I see is that when it gains a level and tries to light a log at the same time, it will leave the log on the ground instead of using tinderbox on it, which is a bit botlike.  

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On 6/26/2017 at 5:19 PM, cussen97 said:

horrible script, doesnt click tinderbox just presses random spots in inventory, uses logs on logs.. do not use this trash

The script is still working perfectly, reached 50 firemaking in just over an hour today. 


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Upon choosing these settings, with Oak Logs in the bank.

Upon banking process, the bot just logs out.




Here is a screenshot with everything you might need.



I was running with normal logs, and everything was working just fine.

I have restarted the client, and have the same problem.

I can run almost every other bot without problem (My Runescape settings are correct)



My assumption is it doesn't find the Oak Logs for whatever reason and then logs out. Am I doing something incorrect?




Found out it was a capitalization issue. Script working as intended now.

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Issues with V west (keeps trying to enter the castle area, seems to happen to every fm bot i try) edgeville, it just clicks into the distance, and GE North it did one row then couldn't find the banker and just kept walking back and forth on the edge of the GE. Is there something im missing? Cheers.

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