It might seem like a hassle, but spending time on your bug reports is important. The more information you can provide, the better. Try and predict what might be needed, and state that explicitly at the start of the topic, even before anyone even asks for it. This will not only help the scripter, but will also benefit YOU by getting your problem addressed more quickly. Here is a perfect example of why you should submit proper bug reports. Refer to the following two reports: Thread #1 Thread #2
Let's start with thread 1. Granted, this was posted in the bot help forum, not as a bug report, which is why I chose it. I don't want to rip on anyone specific, so for the sake of example, let's pretend this was posted as a bug report (many bug reports look like this one). First, there is almost no information given. A decent screenshot showing the CPU usage and some CPU statistics, but nothing else. No OS, TRiBot version, or any other type of information was given. This resulted in misleading responses and people going in circles. The thread didn't indicate if he had done any debugging already or what he's already tried, so people asked questions that the original thread should have answered from the start.
  Now let's look at thread 2. Again, yes, this thread is mine, and no, I am not boasting my "bug reporting abilities." I am merely stressing how crucial it was that I spent the amount of time on the report that I did. From the beginning, I provided as much information as I could, and put it in an easy-to-read format. In addition to the information requested in the Proper Bug Report guide, I provided other information I thought might be necessary (the heap data). In your report, you might want to provide images (gifs are usually quite helpful) that demonstrate the problem. In this case it wasn't necessary, but you can see an example of where there was a need — or at least where it would have been very helpful — in this report. Moving on down the thread, notice how TRiLeZ was able to ask the questions he needed to without asking for any additional bug report information. He knew that it wasn't user error because I made sure to explain all of the steps that I had already taken in an attempt to fix the problem. If you keep reading, you'll see that TRiLeZ asked for specific thread information, which I then provided here. 30 minutes and a couple more simple questions later, TRiLeZ was able to fix the problem with minimal effort and time expended on this end.
TLDR: Spend time on your bug reports. The time you take can save the developers easily double or triple the amount of extra time that you spent making your report as informative as it can be. Not only is this respectful, but it allows the developers to focus on new updates rather than fixing bugs, in the end benefiting everyone.