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How To: Add Account Log-In Details to TRiBot Account Manager [Pics]

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Adding your RuneScape account info to the client allows the bot to log you back into the game if you were logged out for some reason.


The Account Manager also lets users

  • pick a preferred world
  • let the script use your bank pin
  • select which skill you want the TRiBot random-event handler to use experience lamps on

Note: any information you decide to save will only be saved locally, meaning the details are stored on your computer. TRiBot itself won't ever be seeing your account info, so no need to worry about your accounts being stolen/hacked/etc.



How to Save Your Account Details to the Client

  • Open the client
  • Click on the View tab


  • Click on Account Manager


  • Click Add


  • Enter at least the username/password






How to Have a Script Use That Newly Saved Info

  • Click Start Script


  • Select your script, but don't start it yet


  • Click the Account dropdown menu next to the start button and select your account
  • Then click start


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