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RQ Hot Keys Switcher

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Hey so I just got back into OSRS and I do what I love to do most on RS, Pking. However it makes it a bit difficult not being able to use the F keys I want. I'm using a Macbook, and I want to switch a few of my hotkeys on RS. For example I would want F2 to direct me to my spellbook. I used a program before called Sharpkeys on my windows computer, but it seems that Sharpkeys isn't compatible with Macs, or at least not working for me. 


Any suggestions? 



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Use the rsbuddy client "OSBuddy", there is a toggle for that in the free version I do believe.


Edit: Just noticed you want f2 for magic.  Not sure if that's possible with osbuddy.


Yeah I checked that out, from what I seen it is only possible to switch to RS F keys and OSRS F keys

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