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death walk not working once killed it doesnt seem to equip items and goes back it banks the items and then logs out and ends the script its self would class this as flawless if the deathwalk worked properly

Can you please report the deathwalk errors in the bug report format found at the front page of this topic?

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Flawless script - except whenever the bot dies, it just keeps running north until it gets stuck in Lumbridges cow field. Then it walk south and north repeatedly...


This looked so great...

Can you please please give me the bug report format when its deathwalking? I can't seem to be able to recreate the bug. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Seriously fuck this bot, it's gonna get me banned bigtime. I left this on overnight, and woke up to find both accounts logged out, standing at a bank. The log said something like "can not find food tunanot found" (tunanot was one word). It had collected about 400 dbones and hides during the night, but logged out at like 2AM, so it ran like 5 hours before crashing.


My other account was also standing in the bank with the same problem, "can not find food tunanot found". This one had collected like 200 bones and hides.


The food (tuna) is in the FIRST slot of an unscrollable bank!!


I did the mistake by running this bot AGAIN while I was out. I come home now and find one logged out, saying food wasn't found, and the other standing idle in wild? 

Stay away from this bot guys until OP has fixed it, it has major difficulties.



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Bug report format:

Did you delete hooks.dat? (Y/N)
Using looking glass? (Y/N) :
Are RuneScape servers currently experiencing DDoS attacks? (Y/N) :
Screenshot of client debug :
Screenshot of script stack trace ( Do Script>Print Script Stack Trace 4 times) :
Time ran, if available :
Problem description :


Follow that format

Edited by modulusfrank12

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Did you delete hooks.dat?: Yes
Using looking glass?: No
Are RuneScape servers currently experiencing DDoS attacks?: No
Screenshot of client debug: ^
Screenshot of script stack trace ( Do Script>Print Script Stack Trace 4 times) :

[17:09:07] In combat[17:09:56] Looting[17:09:56] Looting in combat[17:09:56] Finding items[17:09:56] In combat pick up loot[17:09:56] Lootingx.5[17:09:56] Inventory is full[17:09:56] Using looting bag[17:10:04] Using looting bag[17:10:08] Fail safe close loot bag[17:10:16] Fail safe close loot bag[17:10:16] Lootingx2[17:10:17] Lootingx.5[17:10:17] Loot not onscreen[17:10:17] Walking to loot[17:10:22] Lootingx2[17:10:24] Looting[17:10:24] Looting in combat[17:10:24] Finding items[17:10:24] In combat pick up loot[17:10:24] Lootingx.5[17:10:24] Inventory is full[17:10:24] Using looting bag[17:10:29] FoundSaradomin staff[17:10:29] FoundSaradomin staff[17:10:29] Enemy player detected! Entered DEFCON 1, getting out of danger[17:10:29] FoundSaradomin staff[17:10:29] Attemtping to teleport with ROD AND GAMES[17:10:29] Walking to level twenty tile[17:10:32] Using looting bag[17:10:38] Fail safe close loot bag[17:12:10] Disabled all randoms.[17:13:42] Script Stack Trace:[17:13:42]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(tl:108)[17:13:42]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(tl:137)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.F(Loot.java:173)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.H(Loot.java:261)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.a(Loot.java:395)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.i(Loot.java:415)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.a.d.i(ActionExecutionHandler.java:17)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.c.v.i(State.java:23)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.a.u.i(StateExecutionHandler.java:27)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.e.g.i(Init.java:72)[17:13:42]  scripts.sbf.e.d.i(Manager.java:331)[17:13:42]  scripts.GDK.run(GDK.java:119)[17:13:42]  java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[17:13:47] Script Stack Trace:[17:13:47]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(tl:108)[17:13:47]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(tl:137)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.F(Loot.java:173)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.H(Loot.java:261)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.a(Loot.java:395)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.i(Loot.java:415)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.a.d.i(ActionExecutionHandler.java:17)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.c.v.i(State.java:23)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.a.u.i(StateExecutionHandler.java:27)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.e.g.i(Init.java:72)[17:13:47]  scripts.sbf.e.d.i(Manager.java:331)[17:13:47]  scripts.GDK.run(GDK.java:119)[17:13:47]  java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[17:13:49] Script Stack Trace:[17:13:49]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(tl:108)[17:13:49]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(tl:137)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.F(Loot.java:173)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.H(Loot.java:261)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.a(Loot.java:395)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.i(Loot.java:415)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.a.d.i(ActionExecutionHandler.java:17)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.c.v.i(State.java:23)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.a.u.i(StateExecutionHandler.java:27)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.e.g.i(Init.java:72)[17:13:49]  scripts.sbf.e.d.i(Manager.java:331)[17:13:49]  scripts.GDK.run(GDK.java:119)[17:13:49]  java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[17:13:51] Script Stack Trace:[17:13:51]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(tl:108)[17:13:51]  org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(tl:137)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.F(Loot.java:173)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.H(Loot.java:261)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.a(Loot.java:395)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.combat.a.l.i(Loot.java:415)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.a.d.i(ActionExecutionHandler.java:17)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.c.v.i(State.java:23)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.a.u.i(StateExecutionHandler.java:27)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.e.g.i(Init.java:72)[17:13:51]  scripts.sbf.e.d.i(Manager.java:331)[17:13:51]  scripts.GDK.run(GDK.java:119)[17:13:51]  java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

Time ran, if available : ~3 hours
Problem description : The bot dies, then walks to nowhereland (Lumbridge cowfarm if spawn point is in lumbridge, or varrock west bank if spawn point is in falador), then regears, then says food was not found and stops the script. I think there's something wrong in your "Custom" food option. If I enter "Tuna", then the debug will tell me ""tunanot" found". Why is it saying "tunanot" instead of "tuna not" ? It's like the user input get combined with something else, and that's what causing the problem.

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Update is pending, repo must be down

Already got all my bots banned and I think it's because of the bugs you had. I don't blame you, no scripts are perfect and botting is always risky. I'm working on more accounts though and will use this script when update is complete.


(I've made probably 15m on 3 accs with your script so I'm not sad!)

Edited by jssjfb

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