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All-in-one Green Dragon Killer - Supreme Green Dragons[Goldfarming][ABCL 10][Looting bag][Multi threaded Combat System][Multi Threaded Anti-PK System]

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Bug report format:
Did you delete hooks.dat? (Y/N)Using looking glass? (Y/N) :Are RuneScape servers currently experiencing DDoS attacks? (Y/N) :Screenshot of client debug :Screenshot of script stack trace ( Do Script>Print Script Stack Trace 4 times) :Time ran, if available :Problem description : 

             Supreme Green Dragons has been personally tested by me for hours upon hours. I have thus fixed numerous bugs with profound accuracy and precision. Supreme Green Dragons is, without a doubt, the foremost green dragon bot in terms of efficiency, speed and profitability. I have gotten profits up to 450k/hr for a sustained duration, and my customers have reported that they've gotten up to 350k/hr even without 70/70/70 combat stats.



East and graveyard supported.


PK detection

               The Pk detection system offers a multithreaded solution to player killing. This means as you are performing your tasks such as dragon killing/looting/using the looting bag/searching/etc, other code is simultaneously being executed that checks for pkers. The Pkers are identified by an equipment filtration system. If any Pkers pass the equipment filter, you will instantly teleport out of the wilderness, even prior to them being remotely close to you, or in some cases, even logging in!

Combat System

                The combat system for Supreme Green Dragons was designed to be incredibly fast. As such, Supreme Green Dragons offers a multithreaded solution for identifying and executing targets with unparalleled speed



The script is fully ABCL 10 compliant as verified by TRiLeZ. Thus it conforms to all of the antiban procedures officially put forth by TriBot.


Supports 3 teleport methods

The script supports 3 different teleport methods as shown above. These three teleport methods are designed to ensure maximum gp/hr.


Custom looting

The script allows for looting based on a lower limit, e.g. 'Loot all items worth over 1k/2k gp' or you have the option to manually select which items to loot.

World hopping

PK detection/Players in area

The script allows you to choose up to how many players you'll tolerate in the combat area before world hopping. The script also automatically hops with blazing fast speeds if a player is detected, or if you've been pked.


Custom food

You can choose which food to eat and how many food to withdraw per trip.



Whenever you die, the script will automatically equip all items and resume killing dragons as normal.


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I do not have the option to select "start" for my script, every other option works but I am so frustrated at this point, PLEASE HELP

What an odd issue, other users are able to select 'Start'. I think theres a problem with your tribot settings. Can you give me a picture of the GUI? @Kevinator987

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Could you tell me all the TRiBot settings for this client please, I haven't changed anything from the default and my other Green Dragon scripts are having the same problems. 

Oh other scripts are experiencing the same problem?


If so this is a client bug. Please post here https://tribot.org/forums/forum/163-client-bugs/


Have a nice day mate

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I figured out it was actually my "View" "Firewall" settings were blocking your application, anyways the problem has been resolved, maybe have that in your thread guide. Thanks for the quick support! Have a good day too mate

Glad to see your issue resolved. Next time, if its a general error for all of your scripts, its probably a client related error. Good luck.

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