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{HYPED UP} Are You Ready? ftwAIOFisher Just Got KARAMJA With Banking! {Free for a limited time}

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Just released Karamja for ftwAIO Fisher. 


It is currently in the FREE version for a Limited Time!





Link To Add to your TRiBot account for FREE:

NEW ftwAIO Fisher lite



Can't wait to see all the stats come in to the dynamic signature!


So What Are Your Thoughts for the future of this script?

I Need Some Suggestions for features!

Pm me the extra-awesome ones!




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Hey love the new update!  Although I already told you in a PM, I think it would be great if you added an option that drops the tuna while fishing swords/tuna! Loving the script It's awesome!

Yea this is my next goal



Much Thanks. Very Awesome.


All aboard the hype tra.. karamja boat

hahahha there we go

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