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[ABCv2] daxCombat AIO [Universal Banking][Wildy Support & Death walk]

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GUI Guide

Profile Manager:

  • Loader: Loads the global profile. This can be set up by saving a global profile first. Look at “Save”.
  • Save: This this save a combination of Combat, Loot, and Bank profile all into one making it easy for you to load settings. You MUST have one of each profile to make a global profile.


Ways to save individual profiles (Combat, Loot, Bank):

  • File -> Save…
  • Shortcut keys



  • NPC

o   The search list should automatically refresh. If it isn’t, restart Tribot and try again.

o   Press enter for the NPCs you want to fight. You can add as many targets you want.

  • Location

o   You can either use a custom area or a circular area for this. If you set up a custom area, the circular area will be ignored, and vice versa.

o   If NPC is not reachable, PLEASE choose NPC behind cage. Also, if the loot is not reachable, the bot will only attempt to loot it if you select Loot behind cage.          For this setting, you MUST use Tele-grab.

o   Potion set up is fairly simple. Just select the Potion and the Skill level to trigger the potion drinking.

o   Prayer support ONLY supports quick prayer. Please have that set up if using this feature.

o   World hopping will trigger if there is x amount of players visible in your area. You are NOT included.

o   Bones settings do NOT pick up bones for you if using bones to peaches or bury bones. Please set this up in the Looting tab.

o   MultiCombat: Attacks NPCs already in combat with another player.

o   Safespot: You will need to grab a safes-pot tile with the button. It will grab the tile you are currently standing on.

o   Loot in Combat will loot regardless if you are in combat.

o   Alchemy – Triggers the alchemy feature

o   Wait for loot will wait until loot is visible before going on to the next NPC.




  • Ground Item

o   Select the desired loot and press enter to add it to the loot list. Delete unwanted items in your loot list by pressing DEL or Backspace.

  • Settings

o   Decide how the bot treats certain loot. For example, drop item x if bot picks up the item by accident, or simply high alchemy some items.




  • If you want the bot to bank, CHECK THE “Use Banking” CHECKBOX!
  • By default, the bot will webwalk you to and from the location and bank.
  • If you want to use your own navigation system, build the logic. There will be a guide in the logic builder.
  • Equipment Manager

o   This feature will recharge and/or equip the desired items whenever you bank.

o   This does NOT trigger banking if you have no uncharged item. However, the bot will never finish banking without successfully handling all              rechargeable as a failsafe.

  • Banking Conditions

o   These will determine when you bank.

  • No Food or (Inventory is full and No food) is exactly as it means.’
  • Attackable Player Visible should be used when you are in the wilderness. Bot will trigger banking whenever an attackable player within your combat range is visible. If you are not in wilderness, this feature will NEVER toggle. If you have world hop enabled, the bot will attempt to world hop first (If you are not in combat).
  • No Prayer Potions: Triggers banking when you have no more prayer potions.
  • No Boost Potions: Triggers banking when you have no stat boosting potions.

o   Equip on Death

  • If you do not have the items listed in the Equip on Death list, the bot WILL TRIGGER BANKING AND ATTEMPT TO EQUIP THESE ITEMS. Make sure you have these items equipped or in bank. The bot will check by ID, so rechargeable items you will be using for your navigation is NOT recommended. Use the Equipment Manager for this.

o   Withdraw


  • Select the desired items you wish to withdraw per bank trip. Make sure you have sufficient amount of items.





Logic Guide



In order to set up logic for locations that's not supported by webwalking, you will have to separate the areas throughout the path to your destination. 




The logic system goes by a node system that is triggered by the area you are currently in.


So given area A: 



The method correlated to area A will be triggered.




We will define Action 1 to be Walk directly to a tile and sleep ~5 seconds.







END RESULT (Note that we do not need to set up action 2 and sleep 2 since the if statement is always true, triggering only action 1 and sleep 1):














Now a bit more complex...



Now lets say we want to cross the log to get to chaos druids at Ardy.


We will first set up the area, and in this case, the area by the bank:




Our if statement will be triggered by whether the log is visible or not.

So let us debug entity the log and get the ID:


This if statement will be TRUE if the log IS NOT ON SCREEN.



Now that our if statement is properly set up, lets set up action 1 and sleep 1, which will be walk to this tile and sleep until the log is visible.




This sleep method will sleep until the desired object is on screen or time timeout is reached.



Now lets define the scenario where the log is on screen. 


If log is on screen, lets click the log to walk across.



Now lets sleep for ~5 seconds.






To summarize, if we are in the Bank area, we will trigger the method correlated to the area. Inside the method, it will check whether the log is visible or not.

If the log is NOT visible, it will proceed to walk to the log and sleep until the log is on screen. If it is visible, it will then click on the log. 


Logic in action




Beautiful   :heart:





What about lock picking?



First, define the area behind the door.



Set up your action method.


Debug the Door...



Now make the bot click the door with the "Pick-lock" option



Lower the sleep to ~1 second



End result









But Dax, how do I do Stronghold Security???



Like always, start with the area:



Now here's the tricky part. Stronghold security all use the SAME door ids, meaning you will need to use the filter by tile feature.



Now we're going to set the sleep to be ~5 seconds.



End Product:



But wait Dax, where do I code in the part where you answer the security questions?

  • I've already coded that part in. No need for unnecessary confusion.





Edited by daxmagex

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Oh my god, finally. Is this more promising than the other Combat AIO? I have really bad experience with that. This have default bank settings yeah? 


You can see for yourself :) and yup.


There is a 5 hour trial available.


Here is the bank tab.



Edited by daxmagex

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Congrats on release! I've tested this script, and loved it. :)



This script is the best thing ever! Seriously, it's amazing, Dax is amazing, try it out and see for yourself! :)




Here's one of my older proggies, the loot list tab looks much nicer now. Profit calculator is also off, since it didn't track ranarrs but should be fixed now.


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Bought it! i find it kinda slow? Or am i wrong? After an kill it idles for a a few seconds to long?


All premium scripts are required to wait x amount of time (Unique to your account) after a change in the environment depending on your Antiban Compliance profile and time since last action.

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Tried running this at Cave horror doesnt work at all :% Killed them food ran out it says out of food, "on my way to bank " then it just clicks on the black screen "Not existent" it doesnt go up the stairs.


For locations that webwalk doesn't support, you will need to set up your own logic navigation.

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      Tuna potato, 
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      The rules for script argument are the following:
      1. Each task is separated by a vertical bar, "|"
      2. Each task setting has an associated key and value, "key=value"
      3. Each task setting is separated by a comma, ","
      4. Option settings follow the same rules as task settings  
      5. Not case-sensitive

      Available task settings:
      type - indicates which type of task it is. Available options are "Rogues den", "Fire", "Range" or "Make item".
      first_supply - the first supply name you want to use.
      supply - same as above (for backwards compatibility).
      second_supply - the second supply name you want to use. Only applies to make-item tasks.
      product - the product name you want to make.
      logs - the logs name you want to burn. Only applies to cooking on self-made fire tasks.
      amount - the amount to cook on the task. If this setting is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the amount is ignored.
      stop_level - the cooking level that interrupts the task. If this is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the stop level is ignored.

      Available option settings:
      mouse_speed - indicates the average mouse speed to use.
      save_on_system_update -  when set to true, attempts to save the task progress on a .dat file right before an ingame update. The task can then be reloaded on gui.
      antiban_reaction - enables with value "true" or disables with value "false" the antiban reaction sleep after an inventory has finished cooking.
      antibug_debug - to print anti-ban actions debug on bot debug panel. "true" to enable, "false" to disable.
      toogle_roofs - to toogle roofs from buildings. "true" to enable, "false" to disable.
      close_with_esc_button - to use escape keyboard button to close the bank. "true" to enable, "false" to disable.

      type=rogues den, first_supply=raw shrimps, product=shrimps, amount=1000 |
      type=range, first_supply=raw salmon, product=salmon, amount=10000, stop_level=70 |
      type=fire, first_supply=raw lobster, product=lobster, logs=magic logs, amount=5000, stop_level=75 |
      type=make item, first_supply=jug of water, second_supply=grapes, product=jug of wine, amount=10000 |
      mouse_speed=100, save_on_system_update=true, antiban_reaction=false, antibug_debug=true, toogle_roofs=true, close_with_esc_button=true

      Notes:  Set amount equal to 0 to ignore amount. Set stop level to 0 to ignore stop level.       Ability to create or load one or multiple tasks to be executed. Combine different methods, food, amounts or stop level at your own will.     Save the current script's state. This can be done either on Script's GUI or Script's Paint.  The data file will be stored at .tribot/beg_scripts/Cooking/'your_input'.dat. If enable on GUI, a game system update will generate an automatic save which will be stored at .tribot/beg_scripts/Cooking/'your_rs_name current_date (current time)'.dat.   Load any previous saved state. This can only be done upon start at Script's GUI.                                                      
       Got any progress report worth sharing? Let me know!

      Report any bug, missing feature, supported place or food below. If justified, it will be included to the script.

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      By Worthy
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      Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70  → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors 
      OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$)  
      Click to buy or try a free 2 hour trial:
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      Or 9.99 CREDITS for 6 MONTHS per Auth
      OR 14.99 CREDITS for 6 MONTHS per 3 Auths

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      get it HERE
      Source code: https://github.com/frankkeuning/fisher
      Setup guide:
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      Repository link

      JJ's Fighter Pro is an AIO Fighter script: it can kill any monster that you want. You can also make a list of items to loot and select the food you want to eat. You can drink potions if needed, pick up and alch certain items, use special attacks, prioritize looting, etc. This is all configurable through the GUI. You can save your settings for future usage.
      Anti Ban Compliance implementation
      ABCL 10 has been implemented.

      JJ's Fighter needs an internet connection to send script statistics to my server. The data is anonymous and you can check what it sends in bot debug.

      Example chart from 15/10/2013

      Melee, range, mage support Eating Looting Banking Bones to peaches XP checking Fast monster switching Dynamic mainloop Setting loading/saving  

    • By Optimus
      Hey TRiBot community!
      The script has been in development for the past ~4 Years, but I've recently just rewrote the entire script, and it now performs better than any other. It's been engineered in a way that mimics a human player down to the littlest detail. It uses human like behavior, playing strategies and teamwork, while also simulating human reaction times and mouse movements, making the script extremely powerful and safe to use.
      To purchase the script or activate your free 1 hour trial, visit the repository:
      The current features of the script are:
      VIP is not required Free 1 Hour Trial Advanced ABC2 Antiban Three different playing styles:

      -Defend the knight : The script will defend the void knight, and also kill monsters around the portals to keep your activity bar high.

      Attack the portals: The script will kill the portals as they open up, while also attacking spinners and surrounding npcs when necessary.

      -Repair mode (gain no hp XP): Perfect for defence pures, the script will keep you activity high by chopping down trees and repairing the doors / barricades around the map.
        The script generates unique characteristics for each different account. Point spending feature that will purchase desired items from the void shop when you have enough points. Can join a clan chat and follow the team to different worlds. Can fight with quick prayers Uses the special attack of all weapons Drinks all potions Uses a complex algorithm to calculate the order in which portals will open up. Works well with TRiBot's break handler feature You can start the script from anywhere! It will use the PC minigame teleport if necessary. Randomized pathing each game. Efficiently handles brawlers & splatters' User friendly UI with extensive customization Can play in all boats (Novice, Intermediate, Veteran) Fast at entering the boat ( Multi threaded ) Simple and effective paint that displays points / XP gained.
        Below is a video of the script in action, and some screenshots of results that users have achieved. 

      Reaching max points in a single run:

      Reaching max points again:

      Spending max points on 99 HP: 
      Spending max points again:
      Spending max points again:

  • Our picks

    • This release will:

      Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions

      Fix issue with not selecting the last column in world hopper (Thanks @Todd)

      Add a message about pin usage in Banking#openBank (Thanks @Todd)

      Disable the firewall by default (Thanks @Todd)

      Fix handling of the welcome screen after login (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix wrong amount bank withdrawal (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Screen#isInViewport

      Fix Game#isInViewport (Thanks @Encoded)

      Call onBreakEnd for ListenerManager Breaking Listeners (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Prayer#getPrayerPoints NumberFormatException (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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      • 19 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix LG for both OSBuddy and RuneLite

      Fix issue where the resizable client isn't able to be made smaller (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix detection of the logout game tab when resizable mode and side panels are enabled (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Add initial support for Sentry to allow us to identify and easily debug exceptions happening with all TRiBot users

      Add methods to determine if the bank is actually loaded, and not just the overarching interface (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Full Sentry support

      Much more
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      • 64 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix NPE in Camera API (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Update deposit box interface ids (Thanks @Encoded)

      Add various bank methods (Thanks @wastedbro)




      Fix resizeable minimap bug (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Remove Java 8 requirement

      Please note: TRiBot is not yet fully compatible with Java 10+

      Fix the break handler issues by ensuring the break handler thread never gets paused

      Fix broken settings hooks

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 68 replies
    • This release will:

      Add support for using custom F key bindings to switch between game tabs (Thanks @erickho123)

      Fix tab opening for "Skills" and "Kourend Tasks" (Thanks @erickho123)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      • 34 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix an issue where breaks would stop firing

      Fix Combat#getWildernessLevel, use dynamic search for text and cache ID for later calls

      Fix an NPE in the Combat API

      Fix Mouse#leaveGame bug where the mouse wouldn't actually leave the game screen
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