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Ensuring TRiBot Uses The Right Java

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I have my JAVA_HOME variable set and tribot lists a ton of jre/jdk installations that don't even exist on my system (uninstalled them and cleared them from my registry). I have a working jdk but because it isn't selected by tribot by default, I can't use an external client starter.


EDIT: Fixed by reinstalling non-existant Java versions then uninstalling them again

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7 hours ago, wastedbro said:

The post says use Java 8.


Use Java 8

The post is also 5 years old.


I have both versions downloaded, and I am currently opening tribot_Loader.jar with Java 8. Despite this, I am receiving the same error. Should I just completely revert to Java 8?

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9 minutes ago, Botchalinski said:

ayte, bet @wastedbro


Tribot is trying to use Java 9.

Even though you claim you're running it with 8, that's not what's happening. It might not be your fault, but for some reason, your computer is opening Tribot with Java 9.


You need to uninstall 9.

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