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Could we get the source code on Hamood's "ApeAtoll Skeletons" script?

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Hamood made a combat training script a long time ago, and it looks awesome. I was wondering if we could get the source code on it, so we could fix anything wrong with it. Or do you think the script is so old it wouldn't even be worth it? [Pure friendly]Hamood's "ApeAtoll Skeletons" & "Bandits Camp" [Over 2B Xp Gained,Get Maxed Now!]

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probably wont happen...

I'm a scripter on a different forums for a different game and once something is encrypted/uploaded

Unless the script author says sure go ahead then usually people are better off making their own.

Alright. I just saw that Trilez uploaded the source for jAnkous and thought we might be lucky enough to get the source on the Ape Atoll script.

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