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gold farming computer? / ftp script recommendations?

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Hey guys im just wanting to ask what kind of computer would you recommend to buy to run 10 accounts for goldfarming? is there any websites out there in uk currently customise great computers? or have been already build also I plan on to ftp gold farm. so if you have any script recommendations to run would be much appreciated. 

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I'd try botting first on what you currently have to see if it's worth it before spending money on a new system since you seem to be new to botting. Atleast with Tribot anyway :P

F2P is hardly worth it with the 24hour limit etc, it's better to invest in p2p bots.

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I'd try botting first on what you currently have to see if it's worth it before spending money on a new system since you seem to be new to botting. Atleast with Tribot anyway :P

F2P is hardly worth it with the 24hour limit etc, it's better to invest in p2p bots.


Ever since they put in that 24 f2p limit. SMH. Jagex is just getting more money...

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ssd memory is the best thing you can invest in.


If it's just for goldfarming, just no.


Having a ssd will not affect how many bots you can run or how they run but having a ssd for your OS might be a good idea but not needed if the computer is just used for goldfarming. Just put the extra money into a better cpu or more ram.


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ssd memory isnt required

true but if you want to bot more and use more then the 8g of ram you are going to swap it to the place where you hace installed your OS on 

if you installed it to an SSD then you don't lose that much speed because an SSD is really and I mean really fast!

but yes when you are swaping mroe then 2g then its better to invest in 16g then the ssd

I should go for 

CPU: xeon 1230 v2(around the 200 euro depending where you live)

RAM: 8 or 16 (depending how many clients you are going to run start with 8 more then enough)

gpu: gt720  from msi around the 50 euro and no fan !!

cheap mid case cooler master has create cheap and silent cases (the silencio series)


yes you could use amd but the xeon is more powerful then amd so you could save around the 50 euro and get the AMD but if you want to go big you get the 50 euro easily back.

and please don't say "why don't get a i7" or "USE i5"

a xeon is an i7 but without the built in GPU 

the xeon 1230 v2 is the i7 4770k, but 100 euro cheaper and long life span 

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