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Posting a Proper Script Bug Report

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Posting a proper bug report for a script isn't very self-explanatory and is quite ambiguous for many users, thus resulting in many bug reports to look something like this:

  • “script not working. please fix”
  • “so many bugs”
  • “getting stuck”
  • "script very slow! plx fix"


Although it’s quite understandable to not know what information would be useful in a bug report (You would generally need to be quite fluent with computers or know a bit of programming), reports like these generally do not help the script writer debug the problem in most cases. (By most, I would say over 90% of the time)


Script writers usually run through a series of tests before releasing their scripts. If the script is released without the tag BETA or Development, it would generally mean that they have fixed all problems and are not experiencing any problems with the script. It would be hard helping you without any information since the script was fine the last time they have ran it and would not know where to start.


This tutorial will help you provide the script writer as much information as possible to fix an issue with the script.


Why follow this as a guideline? 


If you post a bug report without sufficient information, this is how it would go:

  • You post report and wait for me to reply
  • I receive report, look over it and find out I have insufficient information. I tell you to post more information and wait for you to reply
  • You post more information and I will need to look over it again

This can go on for days.




Proper Bug Report Format


Step 1: Copy and Pasting Client and Bot Debug


This can be found near the bottom edge of the Tribotclient. Press shift and click to selectively choose which lines to copy from. It would be preferred to copy both debugs completely and indicate to the script writer the time the problem have occurred (e.g 2:25:32). This is almost ALWAYS necessary. Even if the client or bot debug is spamming the same line over and over, the interval at which the line is being spammed may help the script writer know indicate where the problem may have occurred.




Step 2: Screen Shot/GIF/Video


Depending on the issue, you can decide for yourself which is the most appropriate. Many script writers such as myself put the bot status on the paint which will tell us at which state is the problem occurring at.


Script writers know very well how their script works. What you see may not be what they see. I once had a user who refused a screenshot because he deemed it was useless because nothing was going on but proved to be a major part of what allowed me to debug the issue when he finally gave me a screenshot.


Step 3: Stack Trace


This is generally needed when a script is stuck. This will indicate exactly where the script is being stuck as and is very useful information.


It can be found here (Print Script Stack Trace): 




It will look something like this once pressed (It will be visible in the Client Debug):

[02:51:28] Script Stack Trace:[02:51:28]  java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[02:51:28]  org.tribot.api.General.sleep(yh:170)[02:51:28]  scripts.daxHunter.utils.trap.Action$2.active(Action.java:44)[02:51:28]  org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(ko:50)[02:51:28]  scripts.daxHunter.utils.trap.Retrieve.twoTickLaying(Retrieve.java:138)[02:51:28]  scripts.daxHunter.utils.trap.Retrieve.actionOnTrap(Retrieve.java:65)[02:51:28]  scripts.daxHunter.managers.BotManager.bot(BotManager.java:189)[02:51:28]  scripts.daxHunter.Main.run(Main.java:110)[02:51:28]  java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

Step 4: Description of Problem


Giving detailed information on the issue is also a crucial part in allowing the script writer to debug your issue. You should indicate what causes the problem and how often the problem occurs.


Step 5: Your Settings


Provide the settings and modes which you have ran the bot in. In most cases, it would be screenshot of your settings in the GUI.

Edited by daxmagex
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Where do i psot my bug reports? I think it's needed to help for you as a script writer(s) fix issues faster and easyer. Sinc i ask stuff on skype, and get repaly best case after 12-24 hours after asking i feel like i should post them on forums in correct section, so scripters will have to fix them and will feel more responsible for fixing it...

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Where do i psot my bug reports? I think it's needed to help for you as a script writer(s) fix issues faster and easyer. Sinc i ask stuff on skype, and get repaly best case after 12-24 hours after asking i feel like i should post them on forums in correct section, so scripters will have to fix them and will feel more responsible for fixing it...


Post them on the thread of the script

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The bug im encountering:


- it missclicks the tiles so it places the traps on the wrong spot, not a huge deal but this should work flawlessly imo.


- the escape from pkers doesnt work for me, it just keeps eating food standing on the same spot till it dies.


here is a picture of the debug:




GUI settings:




Post it on his thread. :P

Edited by Flax
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