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Human Mouse Implementation

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When i start the bot, it loads the human mouse data succesfully, and i have my human mouse data enabled from settings. But the mouse movement doesn't look any different to my eye. And if i make a new 3 lvl account and start botting, i still get banned approx ~3 hours or so... Do i have to do something else to make the human mouse data work? If not, how jagex can detect my botting in 3hours still with the human mouse data movement?

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So how does this actually work and how do I activate it? I got my data collected (700 clicks..) it saved to the C:/ drive but how do I use what it collected? I still dont get it

you supposively have to do 20 of them and than post the data to the forum.......

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lmao has any1 actually got their "human mouse implantation" working? all I see are questions on this thread, no positive feedback.


There's another thread of submissions where users have posted their mouse collection data. I'd assume that thread would have a higher rate of people who have the key, and maybe solutions on implementation could be discovered there as well if you're having trouble.

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