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100$ donors should have name change perks!


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  1. 1. Should 100$ Donors have name change perks?

    • Yes atleast once
    • One time only
    • No shouldn't allow

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when someone donates it should show their willing to stay dedicated to a community.


It shouldn't even matter in the first place if a user wants to change his name aslong as its not abused like once every 3 months or something like that....


on Tribot to change your name once... you have to donate 150$ and yeah... great once


while other forum pages require less for such a Drastic change.... they also allow it more often and everything aswell not only just once...



im just basically saying that if i were to donate to something new, especially if its 100$  i should atleast be able to have the option to change my name atleast once since it shouldn't even have a requirement imo anyway :/


also there are only a few people who even qualify for the "perk of a name change" and it would make no difference at all.


if changed it would grant the 100$ donations already with a chance to change their names... and would allow all new 100$ donations the ability to change their username Once... 


please vote :)

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i dont see any point for you to pay 100 $, just to change your name.

you have 100 posts and 8 feedback, just create a new account when your vip runs out. not worth 100 $ lol. @imagreengo


i just want my name changed and would like to keep my feedback and if i already told them i wanted it chaged and i evade to change it they would get me introuble... for the rank im guessin and i would have to make this anyways :D


sorry for dbl post wanted to add quote to my edit post i had open :(

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