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21 hours ago, cashcashcashmoney said:

This doesn't just bury bones does it?
It says on the first page that it can just bury them for the A.I.O experience

Though I can't see that option anywhere..

I am sorry, no this is not supported. I haven't updated the image shown on the front page in a while. Thanks for pointing it out tho, I will remove it.

If this functionality is the reason you bought the script, I'll refund your purchase.

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53 minutes ago, Led Zeppelin said:

great script @xCode only one thing, do you think you could add the option to attempt to click on the mounted glory and the edgeville bank booth directly? (without it always using the minimap) i understand this is probably because not everyone has the same house layout but i have mine set so i can just click the next thing without having to walk there so it would be cool if you could make the script do that too.

Yes, that would be possible. I will put it on the list for a next release.

15 minutes ago, Led Zeppelin said:

Major bug when using own house

Description of the bug: it would stand at the gates of the house and keep using teleport tablets over and over and never move on
How often does it occur: idk, it happened about 20 minutes into running the script
Status of the script during the bug: "attempting to walk to house"
Bot/Client debug:
What is the version of the script: current

This is usually due to the client not being able to find an altar. If it keeps happening, restart the client. Also, removing your hooks.dat in your %appdata%/roaming/.tribot folder will probably solve your issue, in case that keeps happening.

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Ok so on a slightly similar note I found that in fixed mode it doesn’t repeatedly use teleport tabs anymore but it ALWAYS uses 2, it will teleport to the house, get to the house then use another teleport tablet then continue...


Edit: switched over to runelite and cleared hooks.dat and it seems like it’s not double teleporting now, turns out a lot of the issues are from latency. 

Edited by Led Zeppelin

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@xCode Has some isuses when selecting host.  Eventhough i have typed the correct host name +Disabled search for available host. It tries to enter some random clanchat's name that is spamming near Rimmington portal. They are spamming    "Yoda cc" 

Seems like the script is overriding, when someone types "X"

Edited by SparkySin

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Yeah, I'd like to see this updated. I ran it for like 10 min and it has a bunch of things that could use some work. 

- Takes long to do things (using another bone after level up, clicking the glory to tele, after teleing stands for a hot minute before banking)

- it also takes kinda long to initially use the bone on altar after entering house(maybe have to run to altar first then use bone.
- also takes long to kinda start, after starting it takes like a minute for it to do anything.

- keeps typing the name every time instead of just clicking the last name button. (also takes a few seconds to start typing name upon opening interface.)

- it also right clicks the portal every time.

I think I covered most of it. Probably just needs a refresh since it hasn't been updated in a while.

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trialed this script, its good but has a few minor issue, when entering a friends house it will manually type the name each time even when there is the option to click on the last host, also when exchanging bones with philas it will sometimes use the bones on him, the chat dialog will come up then it will right click and use the bones on him again, sometimes it wont even exchange any bones before trying to reenter the portal.

Edited by willin

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On 1/26/2019 at 3:07 AM, BryanCullen said:

i see sometimes it types in the wrong host name and gets stuck.


5 hours ago, BryanCullen said:

Script isnt working

What does it do or does the paint say when it is 'stuck'? I need a bit more info in order to trace the reason of its behaviour.

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Search for host gets the names wrong almost every time, if the host spams like [tribot] bot will type tribot is h

Also I have attached with abc2 wait times, any way to reduce these? They are extremely long


13619 ms to click on the exit portal is way too long


Apart from that, running the script with no delays works fine

Edited by Georgeooo

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10 hours ago, Georgeooo said:

Search for host gets the names wrong almost every time, if the host spams like [tribot] bot will type tribot is h

Also I have attached with abc2 wait times, any way to reduce these? They are extremely long


13619 ms to click on the exit portal is way too long


Apart from that, running the script with no delays works fine

The functionality to retrieve hosts is highly experimental, since it will only work if people say the host phrases in a certain form. So it is recommended not to use this feature.

The ABC2 delays are sometimes very long to imitate a user doing something else. These delays are calculated by the TRiBot API and I am obligated to offer this feature. Turning the delays of will use delays that are pseudo-random between certain intervals.

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I've got a few issues with this script. I'm yet to be able to run it for 300+ bones without it erroring out. I'm telling it not to try find a host, and putting a host name in, but if the host I tell it to use banks for 5 seconds the bot automatically starts typing in completely random words into the host name screen. Can it not just wait 5-10s and try again with the host I'm telling it to use? I get that I need to watch to see if that host goes offline, but I'd prefer that over having to start the bot back up every time the host banks...

I'm not even sure why it keeps typing random things in the host name screen because I've told it not to try and find a host lol


Bot types in: dumb host (he isnt home)

Bot types in: buyingd bone

Bot types in: need vtele


If I stop and start the script with the same settings though the guy will be home and it'll carry on like usual. Can you make a failsafe where the bot will just wait for a little bit before trying to join the same host again please?



My settings

Edited by wtbzulrah

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