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The road to my first car

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1 hour ago, rsproject said:

And he gave up.

lol, not to be an ass but anyone with sense would have foreseen this using druids wc script

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I dont want to be the absolute villan on tribot, but as far as I can see, this plan is flawed.

You should have more botting power, you run too few bots if your goal is a 3k car.

If you can't afford to buy your own hardware, then go ahead and rent some VPS, i highley reccomend @iFluffee for this thing, he has some nice packages of reliable vps.

And as a off topic advice, if you live in that country, you should try at least get a part time job, because compared to where i live, your economy is booming. In some parts of europe the minimum wage per full time working is 200$ a month. Just think about that.

Anyways, i hope you are doing well and good luck botting.

PS: i edit this because i forgot to add the fact that it amazes me how much support have you recieved from the tribot comunity. I have seen some big names commenting on your topic.

PS2: If you gave up from a few accounts banned because you did woodcutting with a non-private script, then goldfarming is definetley not for you.


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