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ITryNotToTroll Scripter Application


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1) Snipplets:


None that aren't in the Dump

2) Tutorials:


None that aren't in the Dump

3) Randoms/updates submitted: 


None that have a thread

4) Scripts available to the public:


Troll Progressive Smelter

Troll Progressive Superheater:

Troll Progressive Thieving

5) Short biography / Coding Experience: 


I've been doing some basic coding for a few years now, but only in the past couple of months have I actually bothered to properly learn how to program rather than just basic scripting. I have the logic of programming things down, but I believe there's still much for me to learn about how programming languages work and how to make complicated programs. I do however, believe I am at a level where I am confident in a lot of things.


Since it's not listed below, I want to be scripter for a few reasons. Firstly and honestly, free VIP. I'm not making money off of my scripts and I don't bot or make any money from tribot, so it would be nice not to have to pay for it. Secondly, I like more words below my name. One of my main, more serious reasons however is that I would like access to the private scripter forums that I know you guys have so that I can get help or look at things that may teach me how to do new things or give me insight to how things work. The last reason is that I feel users would feel safer using my scripts if I had a scripter rank and so I would hopefully get more feedback

6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: 


I feel I deserve scripter as I dedicate a lot of time to tribot and have made many scripts, either small things that random people have requested or bigger scripts where I feel they are needed as there isn't a good one currently available. I'm not going to put a bunch of made up things here, I feel I have a lot to learn but that I have enough knowledge to be able to create good and hopefully flawless scripts for people to use.

7) What you plan to provide the community with: 


More scripts, basic programming tutorials, if there's demand I would like to do basic programming videos or livestreams as well.

8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?

Yes, yes I do.
Honestly, I'm looking for feedback more than anything else. Other than my brace style, I know it's not "conventional" for java and I can change it without a problem but I like it.
@AlphaDog, added a poll
@Usa I'll remove the last one then, someone helped me and asked me to now make it publicly avaliable
@erickho123 I never knew the boolean API existed, thank you, that seems pretty handy. I've actually started to use multiple classes now because honestly it makes programming a hell of a lot easier, especially when scripts share functionality. How isn't my code neat other than my brace style and lack of classes though? 
@warfront1 Thank you, this is a very thorough analysis of my code, I'll look into each thing and change it tonight :)
@erickho123 I'll try and find the old pastebins in a bit :)
@Everyone else, thanks a lot! I'm actually re-writing my scripts at the moment to try and make them much better, thanks for all the feedback
Can you please check my new smelter source code and give me feedback on that? Thanks!
Edited by ITryNotToTroll
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Just reading the application you've written makes you an ideal candidate for the scripter rank as it shows the kindness you have towards the community. I know the community would benefit from your scripts as it brings something new.  I've also seen you help out in the community so its a yes from me. 

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I wish you'd make your code neater so I could read it and I hate the way you format your braces. Everything is in one class, I've noticed you're not taking advantage of the api boolean methods.


For example




Some of your code do not meet these requirements: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32245-scripting-knowledge-requirements/

Use Timing#currentTimeMillis() instead and for your "failsafes" you can just use the Timing#waitCondition

You should've definitely made your Bar enum contain the amounts you need to withdraw (check setVariables) for neater code & put it in a seperate class

You could've just done a for loop with enum#values() to return the bar, (Check setBar)




I only took a quick glance at your scripts and noticed that off the bat. I'm going to take a better glance on thursday/friday if it's still open and edit this post. I don't have an answer yet, but you should take upon these tips to improve before I take a look at it again.


Community wise: Yes, even though I see you come and go sometimes (long time ago and even now), hopefully that won't happen again for a while.

Code wise: I'd need to evaluate more, but your code isn't that neat.

Edited by erickho123

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Troll Progressive Thieving Code Analysis:


Overall Logic issues:

  • (NPCs.find("Man").length > 0 && NPCs.find("Man")[0].getPosition().distanceTo(Player.getPosition()) < 8)

    • Can pull a null pointer

  • Many lines that return the same case could be simplified by altering if/else statements. Possibly half the code could be eliminated and simplified.


I will now go through each method explaining issues/suggestions



Why not use the boolean return from withdraw before waiting the sleep duration, which by the way is handled by a client method already that does a much more compact, clean, and useful implementation. Look at the Timing library, specifically in this case waitCondition.



can be simplified using logical operators



  • Why not utilize the for each loop added years ago in java 5, it increases readability.

  • There is no check to see if the definition is null, the API docs claim there is a possibility for a null return.

  • There is no check to see if the name is null pulled from the definition. The Tribot API docs state that this can also return a null value;



  • Timing library would clean this up in a few lines with far superior legibility



  • The null check on the first element of the array is not necessary

  • Can be simplified into one line by just returning Banking.find(foodName).length>0



  • The null check on the first element isn’t neccissary

  • The feedback from the method is inconsistent with a 50 return most likely enforcing some rigid logic down the line

  • You calculate distance checks throughout the script numerous times within methods, yet have chosen to only abstract the Farmer to another separate method. There seems to be little to no rhyme or reason for this. Further more, if this was to be made into a separate method it should have included an input parameter for other areas of the script to use. This strikes to the core of creating methods, being able to use them elsewhere.


pickPocketNPC(String name):

  • Why attempt to fire the dynamicClicking method with no conditional other than a length check. Use an else on the isOnScreen() negation.



  • The null check on the first element isn’t necessary, could be simplified into a one liner, without creating an additional object.


  • just defined one object called stalls in which you search for both objects. Use find nearest and eliminate half of the lines of code. You switch been while and for loops for your sleeping conditions, once again the timing library will solve these issues.



  • The way you set up the clicking in rare scenarios could cause an infinite loop not clicking on the stall due to feedback from isUpText not always returning expected values.



  • Timing library + use return of depositAllExcept



  • What a mess, null checks are missing all over the place. Advanced for loop required for readability. Could possibly be fixed by using a filter and just using the drop method provided in the TRiBot API.



  • Null check not necessary on first element in array


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It looks like on your last application, kalaris had suggested some suggestions that you didn't change as well.



I'd wish I had kept a backup of your old application to compare and see what changes were actually done.

Edited by erickho123

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Community wise I have to say yes. I've seen you are helping out people a lot with certain requests or just overall help.

As @Zainy stated, a Scripter should be active and help out people the way you do, but in my opinion this is not enough to hold the Scripter rank.

Coding decent scripts with a readable structure, not using too much redundant code and a good knowledge of the API and OO programming in general is a must in my opinion. Which you, looking at your code, don't really do at the moment. I'd also really recommend working with multiple classes instead of using one class. It makes it much easier to maintain and read.


I think you're at these levels atm:

- Dedication: 50 / 50

- Code wise: 25 / 50


I'd start improving by using the feedback given here. When you think you've improved yourself to a higher level and think you're ready for a next application and I can see you have been improved and you really used the feedback here, then it will be a yes from me. But for now it's a no.

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Code wise its a no from me.

Will give constructive feedback when i have more time


Your code looks really un-orginized to me.


For example, your getState method:

        //Get current state of script        public State getState()        {                if(Banking.isInBank())                {                        if(needToEquipForging())                        {                                if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen())                                {                                        return State.CLOSE_BANK;                                }                                else                                {                                        return State.EQUIP_FORGING;                                }                        }                        else                        {                                if(needToBank())                                {                                         if(!Banking.isBankScreenOpen())                                        {                                                return State.OPEN_BANK;                                        }                                        else                                        {                                                return State.USE_BANK;                                        }                                }                                else                                {                                        return State.WALK_TO_FURNACE;                                }                        }                }                else                {                        if(isInFurnace())                        {                                if(needToBank())                                {                                        return State.WALK_TO_BANK;                                }                                else                                {                                        if(isFirstInterfaceOpen())                                        {                                                return State.USE_FIRST_INTERFACE;                                        }                                        else                                        {                                                if(isSecondInterfaceOpen() && !isFirstInterfaceOpen())                                                {                                                        return State.USE_SECOND_INTERFACE;                                                }                                                else                                                {                                                        if(bar == Bar.CANNONBALLS)                                                        {                                                                if(Game.isUptext("Use Steel"))                                                                {                                                                        return State.USE_FURNACE;                                                                }                                                                else                                                                {                                                                        if(isAnimating())                                                                        {                                                                                return State.ANIMATING;                                                                        }                                                                        else                                                                        {                                                                                return State.CLICK_BAR;                                                                        }                                                                }                                                        }                                                        else                                                        {                                                                if(isAnimating())                                                                {                                                                        return State.ANIMATING;                                                                }                                                                else                                                                {                                                                        return State.USE_FURNACE;                                                                }                                                        }                                                }                                         }                                }                        }                        else                        {                                return State.WALK_TO_BANK;                        }                }        }

I agree that it comes down to preference, like when you put brackets on a new line, use short if-else statements or not ect.

But in my opinion this looks alot cleaner then your version:

    public State getState() {        if (Banking.isInBank()) {            if (needToEquipForging()) {                if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen())                    return State.CLOSE_BANK;                return State.EQUIP_FORGING;            }            if (needToBank())                return Banking.isBankScreenOpen() ? State.USE_BANK : State.OPEN_BANK;            return State.WALK_TO_FURNACE;        }        if (isInFurnace()) {            if (needToBank())                return State.WALK_TO_BANK;            if (isFirstInterfaceOpen())                return State.USE_FIRST_INTERFACE;            if (isSecondInterfaceOpen() && !isFirstInterfaceOpen())                return State.USE_SECOND_INTERFACE;            if (Game.isUptext("Use Steel"))                return State.USE_FURNACE;            return isAnimating() ? State.ANIMATING : (bar == Bar.CANNONBALLS ? State.CLICK_BAR : State.USE_FURNACE);        }        return State.WALK_TO_BANK;    }
        private Bar setBar(String string)        {                switch(string)                {                case "Bronze Bar":                        return Bar.BRONZE;                case "Iron Bar":                        return Bar.IRON;                case "Steel Bar":                        return Bar.STEEL;                case "Mithril Bar":                        return Bar.MITHRIL;                case "Adamantite Bar":                        return Bar.ADAMANTITE;                case "Runite Bar":                        return Bar.RUNITE;                case "Cannonballs":                        return Bar.CANNONBALLS;                case "Gold Bar":                        return Bar.GOLD;                case "Silver Bar":                        return Bar.SILVER;                }                return Bar.CANNONBALLS;        } 

This is unnecessary.

You could for example override your enum's toString method.


enum Bar {    BRONZE,    IRON,    STEEL,    MITHRIL,    ADAMANTITE,    RUNITE,    SILVER,    GOLD,    CANNONBALLS;    @Override    public String toString() {        return super.toString().charAt(0) + super.toString().substring(1).toLowerCase() + " bar";    }}


private boolean isFirstInterfaceOpen()        {                RSInterface barSmeltInterface;                switch(bar)                {                case BRONZE:                case IRON:                case STEEL:                case MITHRIL:                case ADAMANTITE:                case RUNITE:                case SILVER:                case GOLD:                        barSmeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID,BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_BRONZE_ID);                        return barSmeltInterface != null && !barSmeltInterface.isHidden();                case CANNONBALLS:                        barSmeltInterface = Interfaces.get(CANNONBALL_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, CANNONBALL_SELECT_INTERFACE_CHILD_ID);                        return barSmeltInterface != null && !barSmeltInterface.isHidden();                }                return false;        }

Can be shortened to this:

    private boolean isFirstInterfaceOpen() {        return Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(bar == Bar.CANNONBALLS ? CANNONBALL_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID : BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID);    }

These 3 methods have alot of unneeded duplicated code

This method has duplicate code:

 private boolean needToBank()        {                switch(bar)                {                case BRONZE:                        return Inventory.getCount("Tin ore") == 0 || Inventory.getCount("Copper ore") == 0;                case IRON:                        return Inventory.getCount("Iron ore") == 0;                case STEEL:                        return Inventory.getCount("Iron ore") == 0 || Inventory.getCount("Coal") < 2;                case MITHRIL:                        return Inventory.getCount("Mithril ore") == 0 || Inventory.getCount("Coal") < 4;                case ADAMANTITE:                        return Inventory.getCount("Adamantite ore") == 0 || Inventory.getCount("Coal") < 6;                case RUNITE:                        return Inventory.getCount("Runite ore") == 0 || Inventory.getCount("Coal") < 8;                case SILVER:                        return Inventory.getCount("Silver ore") == 0;                case GOLD:                        return Inventory.getCount("Gold ore") == 0;                case CANNONBALLS:                        return Inventory.getCount("Steel bar") ==0 || Inventory.getCount("Ammo mould") == 0;                }                return true;        }

Can be reduced to:

        private boolean needToBank() {              for (Ore ore : bar.getRequirements().keys()) {  //Using a HashMap for example                  if (Inventory.getCount(ore.getId()) < bar.getRequirements().get(ore);                      return true;              }                           return false;        } 

Or you could use a wrapper class

class OreRequirement {    private final Ore ore;    private final int amount;    public OreRequirement(Ore ore, int amount) {        this.ore = ore;        this.amount = amount;    }    //getters...}private boolean needToBank() {    for (OreRequirement req : bar.getRequirements()) {         if (Inventory.getCount(req.getOre().getId()) < req.getAmount();           return true;    }     return false;} 

The following 2 methods have the same problem as the one above, alot of duplicate code:


        private void useBank()        {                long timeout;                switch(bar)                {                case BRONZE:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(14, "Tin ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Tin ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        Banking.withdraw(14, "Copper ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Copper ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case IRON:                        Banking.depositAll();                        if(usingForging && Inventory.getCount("Ring of forging") == 0 && !Equipment.isEquipped("Ring of forging"))                        {                                Banking.withdraw(1, "Ring of forging");                                timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                                while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                                && Inventory.getCount("Ring of forging") == 0)                                {                                        sleep(20, 70);                                }                        }                        else                        {                                Banking.withdraw(0, "Iron ore");                                timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                                while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                                && Inventory.getCount("Iron ore") == 0)                                {                                        sleep(20, 70);                                }                        }                        break;                case STEEL:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(9, "Iron ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Iron ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Coal");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Coal") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case MITHRIL:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(5, "Mithril ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Mithril ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Coal");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Coal") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case ADAMANTITE:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(4, "Admantite ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Adamantite ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Coal");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Coal") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case RUNITE:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(3, "Runite ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Runite ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Coal");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Coal") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case SILVER:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Silver ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Silver ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case GOLD:                        Banking.depositAll();                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Gold ore");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Gold ore") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                case CANNONBALLS:                        Banking.depositAllExcept("Ammo mould");                        if(Inventory.getCount("Ammo mould") == 0)                        {                                Banking.withdraw(1, "Ammo mould");                                timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                                while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                                && Inventory.getCount("Ammo mould") == 0)                                {                                        sleep(20, 70);                                }                        }                        Banking.withdraw(0, "Steel bar");                        timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                        while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                        && Inventory.getCount("Steel bar") == 0)                        {                                sleep(20, 70);                        }                        break;                }        } 


     private void useFirstInterface()        {                RSInterface smeltInterface;                switch(bar)                {                case BRONZE:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_BRONZE_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Bronze"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt X Bronze");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt X Bronze");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case IRON:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_IRON_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Iron"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt X Iron");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt X Iron");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case STEEL:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_STEEL_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Steel"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt 10 Steel");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt 10 Steel");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case MITHRIL:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_MITHRIL_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Mithril"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt 10 Mithril");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt 10 Mithril");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case ADAMANTITE:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ADAMANTITE_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Adamant"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt 5 Adamant");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt 5 Adamant");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case RUNITE:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_RUNITE_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Rune"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt 5 Rune");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt 5 Rune");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case SILVER:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_SILVER_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Silver"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt X Silver");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt X Silver");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case GOLD:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, BAR_SELECT_INTERFACE_GOLD_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                if(Game.getUptext().contains("Smelt 1 Gold"))                                {                                        Mouse.click(3);                                        chooseOption("Smelt X Gold");                                }                                else                                {                                        smeltInterface.click("Smelt X Gold");                                }                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                case CANNONBALLS:                        smeltInterface = Interfaces.get(CANNONBALL_SELECT_INTERFACE_ID, CANNONBALL_SELECT_INTERFACE_CHILD_ID);                        if(smeltInterface != null)                        {                                smeltInterface.click();                        }                        hoverBox = smeltInterface.getAbsoluteBounds();                        break;                }                long timeout = System.currentTimeMillis();                while(timeout + 2000 > System.currentTimeMillis()                                && isFirstInterfaceOpen())                {                        sleep(20, 70);                }        } 



I would make a little bit 'bigger' tasks. So tasks like 'OPEN_BANK' and 'CLOSE_BANK' are unnecessary in my opinion.

Too many little tasks or only a few big tasks will both have a negative result on the efficiency of looking over your code.


Example what I would do:

    enum State {        BANK,        WALK_TO_FURNACE,        WALK_TO_BANK,        INTERACT_WITH_FURNACE,        INTERACT_WITH_INTERFACE    }    public State getState() {        if (bar.hasRequirements()) {            if (!furnaceArea.contains(Player.getPosition())) {                return State.WALK_TO_FURNACE;            }                        if (Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(x) || Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(x)) {                return State.INTERACT_WITH_INTERFACE;            }                        return State.INTERACT_WITH_FURNACE;        }                if (!bank.getArea().contains(Player.getPosition())) {            return State.WALK_TO_BANK;        }                return State.BANK;    }

I only looked at your smither script so far.


I would like to see the following changes code wise and it will be a yes from me:

  • Remove the duplicate code (in the methods i mentioned above)
  • Use id's instead of names for items (better performance since you don't have to load the name from the item definition this way)
  • Use Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(int id), better performance (the game client has a boolean[] field that contains whether the interfaces are loaded or not)
  • Null check where you have to

Tip: Look into the use of enums, you can neatly store your static data in an enum

Edited by AlphaDog
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He cant visit the scripters forums..

He should be able to view that thread as far as i know.


My vote is no as well, I think most of the script writer touched on what you should improve on before attempting another application. Community wise, it's a yes, code wise not quite yet though users have gotten through with worse code. The final decision is up to USA though.

Edited by erickho123

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He cant visit the scripters forums..


He should be able to view that thread as far as i know.

 Erick is right, he can view that thread. Wouldn't make sense if he couldn't view it since he wouldn't be able to see what he needs to have in his script :P


I see you have posted your new source for your smelter script. Pretty quick i think. Assuming you will be doing the same with your other scripts too? 

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 Erick is right, he can view that thread. Wouldn't make sense if he couldn't view it since he wouldn't be able to see what he needs to have in his script :P


I see you have posted your new source for your smelter script. Pretty quick i think. Assuming you will be doing the same with your other scripts too? 



yes he can, it's in the application section. Why would a knowledge requirement thread exist if the people applying couldn't see it?


Yes, makes sense.

Nvm what i said, i thought you were reffering too https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38966-efficient-scripting/  :s

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      I've noticed some new TRiBotters have had some troubles finding out sources of how to do certain things, such as using advanced scripts and often get lost in the forums.

      We are still getting posts asking where to start, what to do, recommended scripts, etc. 

      As many of you know, I am new to the team, and had troubles myself learning how to bot, let alone script. 

      So, what our team decided to do was make it easier to learn how to bot, how to script, and just become an overall better botter and scripter faster. 

      As some of you might have seen, I've posted 3 new blogs, you can check it out by clicking on the following picture or here.

      These first 3 blogs are the first of many blogs that will be TRiBot official. They are encouraged to be challenged, improved upon and act as A Best Practices Guide for Botters.

      What information would you like to see in the blogs?

      👇 [TEASER] 👇




      We are going to be hosting a  CONTEST  this  OCTOBER.

      Its scary to think how soon you'll find out.👻

      Stay tuned.

      - RileyZ
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    • Today marks a big day for TRiBot! To make it easier for users to use TRiBot, we've created installers available for every platform! These installers are all bundled with the latest version of OpenJDK 1.8 (Java 😎, which is LG compatible.

      Using TRiBot is now easy. Simply download the installer for your platform, install TRiBot, and run it. The TRiBot Loader will correctly identify the bundled JDK so there's no need to change the Java selection.


      EXE installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.exe

      MSI installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.msi

      Portable version: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.zip

      Mac OS

      Installer: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.dmg

      Portable version: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.tgz


      Installer: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.sh

      RPM installer (CentOS/Fedora): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.rpm

      DEB installer (Debian): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.deb

      Portable version: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.tar.gz

      Platform Independent

      JAR file: tribot-loader-4.0.3.jar

      Note that this jar file does not include the bundled JDK.

      Windows and Mac OS users may notice a warning message stating that the installer/application is un-recognized or un-trusted. Please ignore this message and proceed with running the installer/application. We need to acquire a code signing certificate so that we can sign the installers letting the operating system know that these files can be trusted. It will take a week or more to acquire one, so please hold tight.

      Other notable changes to the TRiBot Loader:

      Support getting the version from OpenJDK distributions

      Add check for bundled JDK

      Copy OpenJDK tools.jar to the bundled JDK if not present

      Set the current java as the first available list entry

      Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links

      Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version

      Update icon images

      Reduce the number of HTTP calls
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    • TRiBot is looking to improve a lot of its customer relationship management, customer on boarding process, customer experience, design elements, community engagement and pretty much everything else you can imagine when it comes to marketing.

      Our goal: To ensure that the marketing done TRULY reflects the experience and does not shine an inaccurate light on what TRiBot is lacking in.

      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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    • Hello TRiBot,

      Today we have a significant release that has been in the works for the last month addressing several key issues, features and bugs in the backlog.

      With these changes, we are also including a new TRiBot Loader which will allow you to select any version that is released. This adds the flexibility of allowing you to revert to a previous version should an issue arise, run development only builds, view an accurate change log between versions etc. we are very proud to offer this feature and think it will add a lot more functionality down the road as we continue to release new versions.

      These changes include 80+ commits by our development team, a list of them is summarized below and also available for your viewing pleasure in the new TRiBot Loader.

      In addition, we have taken additional steps to improve as a development team by adding continuous integration and deployment into our workflow to assist in delivering timely releases such as bug fixes as well as new features on a weekly basis depending on our development cycle.
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