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Floplie's Scripter Application

Floplie Scripter Application.  

  1. 1. Floplie Scripter Application.

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1) Snipplets: N/A

2) Tutorials: N/A

3) Randoms/updates submitted: N/A

4) Scripts available to the public:




http://pastebin.com/DuktYdhW - seagullBuddy

http://pastebin.com/1cnuWw9x - teaGrabber

http://pastebin.com/kGXGVK4Y - monkGrabber



5) Short biography / Coding Experience:

My name is Floplie, 22 Years Young, currently living in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  I am studying Computer Gaming Technology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (Link to my course).  I am currently learning to program computer video games in UDK, Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Java.  I am also experiencing some Animation, Art, Computer Art, Audio/Music Technology, Computer Electronics and Extended Mathematics within my course.  I hope to finish my course with honors, aswell as finishing as class representative.  I would like to pursue a career in Computer Gaming, whether it be within coding, animation or design.  I have hopes to finalize my Indie Games Company 'Ozade Studios' within the coming months.  I have coded within Java for a few years, starting with Runescape Private servers, moving onto scripting about 1-1.5 years ago and I love every second of it.  I am finding my skills to be within a rough average of what it recommend for this position, with experience comes knowledge and I hope to continue working at my best to further extended my skills.

6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter:

I feel I should be given the opportunity to become a Scripter as I have surprised myself with what I am capable of in such a short time.  The feedback I have received from the community so far has been so positive, my head is in the clouds and I am honestly on cloud 9.  I know that I will work harder than ever before, I know I will produce a handsome amount of scripts for the community and continue to better myself under the TriBot label.

7) What you plan to provide the community with:

I plan to continue writing simple, yet important scripts for the community.  I also plan to continue to write my FirecapeBuddy script, releasing it exclusively to the TriBot community.  I have so many plans for 2015 regarding my scripting and I want to be able to do that right here.  As i further in my University degree, I will only become better and better.
I also aim to start a few services of my own, including Questing/Minigames/Firecapes/Web Design/Web Development/Graphics and much, much more!


8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community?

Of course, and I will continuously update the scripts to better them in the best possible ways.  I know how hard our current economy is struggling with finance, my main aim for scripting is to release mainly free scripts.



Thank you for taking the time to read my application.



Edited by Floplie

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These scripts are too basic and right off the bat I can tell you that you meet the script quantity requirement of (3) but they are all too basic to be evaluated. Write something more deserving of the Scripter rank and please apply again.

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