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TRiBot Release 9.214_0

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Hello Community,


I haven't been making many release threads lately (but I have been making a lot of releases), but this release features some significant changes, so I've decided to make this release thread.


Main Features:

  • More efficient/faster sorting
  • The getAll(..) method for Objects, NPCs, GroundItems, and Players now accepts a filter, resulting in more efficient finding methods.
  • Added exists(..) method to Objects, NPCs, GroundItems, and Players, which is a more efficient way of checking if an entity exists, as opposed to doing find(..).length == 0.
  • Objects, NPCs, GroundItems, and Players's find methods can now all utilize KillLoopException.
  • Added or() method to Filter.
  • Added getArea() to RSMenuNode.
  • Fixed the offer one bug with the Trading API.
  • More human-like initial client loading.
  • Fixed Mouse Data Collector bugs.
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support.
  • Bank scrolling can now be done via mouse wheel scrolling, or using the scroll bar (depending on the character profile).
  • Added isClickable() to Clickable07.



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