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Reaction Timing [Data Collection]

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Hello community,


I am starting a new data collection project for reaction times. I'll use this data to adjust the formulas for calculating sleep times before clicking objects/NPCs/etc, which should make TRiBot have more human-like delays.


To take part in this project:

  1. Activate this script.
  2. Run the script.
  3. Play RuneScape. See below for further instructions.
  4. After at least 20 minutes of playing (try for at least 1 hour), stop the script. The script will then generate a file called "reaction_times.csv" in the TRiBot app data directory (it'll say were it is exactly in the debug box).
  5. Upload that file and post it in this thread.
  6. Also post what activities you did, and the respective skill levels.

Instructions for playing RuneScape:

  1. You can either mine rocks (no essence), or cut trees.
  2. Once you click a tree or rock, the debug will print "Object hash: 104343254," where 104343254 is a number greater than 0. If the number is equal to -1, that means the click did not register, and you should re-click the tree/rock.
  3. After you click, try not to make a bunch of mouse movements while waiting. Either keep the mouse fairly still, or move it off screen (if you want). You don't have to keep the mouse super still while it's over the RS client, but you should avoid excessive mouse movements because excessive mouse movements may result in inaccurate reaction timing.
  4. Continue doing this until you don't want to anymore.


  1. This is not a race. Do not aim for having the lowest reaction time possible. Please relax and play as you normally do in order to ensure reliable data.
  2. Do not left click on anything after the initial object click.




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Will this get implemented into our client or whatever like human mouse? This seems MUCH less tedious hahah.


btw uploading my human mouse soon (:


Uploaded where?


So, shall i press  Z when i cut a log, or when the tree gets cut down?

When the tree gets cut down.

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@TRiLeZ , here you go boss , i started at 27 minning irons and played for an hour while pressing z here and there after it mined ,i stopped the script at 35 mining.


also may i please get my extended vip for completing all 22 data for the human mouse? thank you very much i hope this makes botting better for all of us!


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I've updated the script. Users no longer have to press 'z' after the tree has fallen/after the rock has been mined. Just play normally and the script will collect data.


Could I get everyone who has already submitted data to submit some more data? I've made the script collect different kinds of data.

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@TRiLeZ This is roughly 70mins - 76mins of data. I cut logs and oak logs for the whole time. I started the first half hour at Camelot cutting just oaks and trees and banking. The remainder I cut mostly logs then a smaller amount of oaks in lumbridge, while dropping when inventory was full.


My total xp gained was 18,250 and I was level 1 and now have 33 Woodcutting. All performed with iron then steel axe. (if all that detail matters lol)


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