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Script packer - Packs all your scripts with ease

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Script packer





What does it do?

  • Loads all your scripts from the .tribot/bin folder.
  • Uses bytecode analysis to get the dependencies of your script, 
  • Packs them neatly into a zip file
    • Will load the script name + version from the manifest
    • If there is no manifest, it will use the class name
    • If there already exists a file with the same name, it will add (x) behind it (1, 2, 3, ect)




  • Make sure that the script packer is in your project folder
  • You have to build your project before packing your script
  • Now you have 2 options:
    • Open the jar file as an application and select your script from the GUI
    • Add the jar file as a library and execute the packer dynamically
  • It ony packs the dependencies that have scripts as the root package (scripts.utilities.AreaCreator for exaple)

Note: You have to run it with JDK8


Example code

    public static void main(String[] args) {        


  • Unused method removal
  • Option to set a custom src & bin folder
  • Option to compile all classes dynamically 
  • Automatically pack your scripts after building your project using Ant or Maven


Download link



Will upload the source to github / bitbucket tommorow

Edited by AlphaDog
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how neat. nice thinking. thumbs up. will need one of these soon enough better download

Edited by Dastardly

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Works well, incredibility simple and easy to use. It'll save me a little time when I'm about to upload my scripts, :P

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Just put up a download link for the new version, there was a little bug with the old one.

It also sorts the scripts on alphabetical order now, thanks to ericko for suggesting it ;)

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