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having problems with it

keeps saying this?

but my maple logs are in top corner of bank?


  • [17:04:01] Login bot started.
  • [23:16:42] you are missing one of these items [1517]
  • [01:05:54] We have no more avaliable tasks
  • [01:06:27] Script Ended: ExFletcher.


What's with the weird time stamps?

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I'm curious to see how many leechers there are using your awesome script and not even posting 1 single proggy of it! Also want to see how much xp I'm adding up total cause I'm using this A TON!

All of the data sent won't be shared.


https://tribot.org/forums/topic/43380-i-advanced-fletcher/?p=521221, :'(

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I will start begin gathering data collection for all my free scripts by today. If you do not accept the firewall to dice.rs, you will not be allowed to run the script.


The data collected can range from the following:

to see how many people are using my scripts, how many accounts per user is using my script, xp gained, banks being used, and much more.


All of your data will be held by me only and it will remain confidential. The only times your "data" will be mentioned or used publicly is when it is used "overall" or totaled up by all the other users as well such as total xp gained, how many users are leeching, etc.


If you don't like that I'm collecting such information, please private message your reasons why. "I dont want you to know im goldfarming the shit out of your script and leaving no feedback" is not acceptable. I expect reasonable reasons and if your reason is something simliar to that, don't use my free scripts.


Thank you.

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Here's more.











Hi, ive been running this script for few days, it is flawless. One thing i notice is that whenever the script tries to rotate camera, it will go to settings first. I find this very weird because I myself wont go to settings, right click on one of the button then rotate camera. 

@darktreat It's not a script issue. Enable this setting on runescape



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Oh, i have one suggestion is that while banking, you can add another option which is clicking the "bank all" button. Randomly banking either using the button or right-clicking makes the bot seems better!

I think that's based on your character profile, I do have it to do that depending on if you're cutting or stringing. Your character profile is unique, thus making your botters different from other botters. For example, sometimes your camera spins with the mouse wheel. Another botters profile may NEVER spin with the mouse wheel. It may be the same with depositing. It's all ABC / character profile reliant to make your accounts different from others, and hopefully lowering your chances of getting banned.

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