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TRiBot Botting Guidelines

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In this thread, we're going to aim at discussing some of the known techniques and practices towards safe botting. While it is impossible to prevent a ban, you can use some of these suggestions towards your botting to help mitigate risks towards your account. Most of this is all well known, we just wanted to organize these tips into a thread to help get you in the mindset of how to practice safer botting.


Your goal should be to emulate a normal player in game, we can do this through several ways but these three are the major ones that you as the player have an impact over.

1.   Session length   -   Thinking like a normal player, you should set up your bot for average lengths 1-3 hour sessions with breaks built in. And while a normal player could play for longer than that, just realize if you choose to bot for a 8 hour session you're adding more exposure to your account in game which could result in getting caught. A safe practice would be to set a total time you would expect to play during the week, and divide your sessions up so your total game time does not exceed that value. (i.e. 30 hours in a week, split across five 6 hour sessions +/- 2 hours)


2.   Location changing   -   Your goal should be to minimize your account's exposure in game and location changing can really help you with that. If the Script supports other locations, consider moving your account to another location for less exposure. If other locations are not possible, consider changing up your botting pattern by switching to another Script that performs in a separate location.


3.   World Hopping   -   Changing worlds is a great way to limit your exposure to other players, and continue performing the same task without changing locations in game. A player who sees you at the same spot, performing the same task, for several hours at a time will become suspicious and likely report you. Keep this in mind when botting.


4.   Activity   -   The activity you perform in game can also highlight you as a bot. If you only chop trees and your account's stats reflect that, a player directly competing with you for those trees will grow suspicious of your behavior and will likely result in getting reported. If possible, try to switch up the activities you perform on your account so that you are exposed for a less amount of time at each activity.




As for the obvious, the script should also be considered as that impacts your player in game.

1.   When botting it is important to recognize what task your player is performing in game. For example, if you are executing a Script that collects items that are in direct competition of other players in game; you can expect to bring more attention and potential player reports than if you were doing an activity that kept your player to itself. This is important to consider as this may play a bigger factor and stress the importance of the Overview and Other Factors listed above.


2. While it is the author's goal to create a Script that executes the task efficiently in game, sometimes performance can become a bigger focus than safe practice. If that is the case, it is important to bring this to the attention of the author to have the Script perform the task as a player would. This applies to the Developers as much as it applies to the user.



Other Factors
Some other things to consider are what a normal player's account looks like compared to the average botter.


1.   Appearance   -   Your appearance in game, should reflect other players who are performing the same task. The bots that stand out are regularly targeted during bot busting events and should be considered at all times.


2.   Combat level & overall stats   -   Your combat level can also highlight you as a bot or not. A level 3 chopping yews is commonly picked off as a bot and will be targeted during bot-busting events. If you are looking at increasing your accounts longevity, put in the work by leveling your account's combat level up to a respectable level based on the activity your player is performing to help blend into the crowd.


3.   Name   -   Your name in game should be chosen to reflect a normal player. While it is common to name your bot farms in sequential order (i.e. yewchopper1, yewchopper2, etc.) your account unfortunately will stand out among other players and a quick highscores search will result in another player confirming that you are a bot. Try selecting a normal name that does not relate to your other accounts.


4.   Conversation in game   -   For those concerned about your account, popping in and engaging in small chat every once and a while could prove your legitimacy if other players are conversing. TRiBot's built-in autoresponder (default: OFF) can be turned on to help with this, or you can manually talk in game once and a while which may help your player.



In the end, it all boils down to player reports and your account's activity in game. If you can reduce player reports on your character through these safe botting techniques and change up your activities in game regularly, you stand to better protect your account overall in the long run.
*If you'd like to suggest an addition to this thread, please post it below and it may be added.
TRiBot Staff

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You hit the nail right on the head! I've always suggested these tips to the people that say botting is gonna get you banned. But if you do exactly what your guideline says you have a wayyyy less chance of getting banned. But then again a lot of people think they can just setup a bot and it's gonna do all the work for them. Can't just setup a bot, gotta be smart about it too.

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Tribot isn't working... I can't find an exe ANYWHERE in the DL files. i can't open it. I can't get to the loggin screen. Can somebody Tell me WTF to do. I would have made a different post but i don't have access to post making on the forums i made an account for >.> WTF

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