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[ABCL10] Alpha Chaos Druids - Multiple locations, BETA

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Found a script ending bug:

[21:19:27] java.lang.NullPointerException
[21:19:27] at scripts.alphascripts.utilities.walking.n.run(Walker.java:121)
[21:19:27] at scripts.alphascripts.d.c.a(MyWalking.java:160)
[21:19:27] at scripts.alphascripts.utilities.combat2.e.h(FighterImpl.java:349)
[21:19:27] at scripts.alphascripts.utilities.combat2.n.run(FighterLogic.java:57)
[21:19:27] at scripts.chaosdruids.ChaosDruids.run(ChaosDruids.java:130)
[21:19:27] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
[21:19:47] Script Ended: AlphaChaosDruids.

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@Ratz241 This shouldn't happen anymore.


New update:

  • Edgeville added
  • Ability to use amulet of glory for edgeville
  • Pk detection for edgeville

Didn't had time to test anything so be careful if you want to kill druids at edgeville.

Im busy these days, but will have some time somewhere in the next week, I will finish this script and push it premium soon.

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hey man when the scrip wants to take a break it goes to the new world hop function now instead of logging out can u fix :) ?


The clients break handler is trying to log you out, not the script, tribot still has to update the logout method.

However I can do a quick fix tomorrow if tribot still didnt pushed an update by then.

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Updated world hopper to work with the new logout button

hey man this bot is going to get me banned lol.. it just used the agility shortcut (ardy druids) and ran back near the bank across the river then is trying to do the agi again but instead trying to run back to the house. its a complete fail, but ill take a look at another banking attempt. there is an issue with the agi shortcut I'm not a script writer but I think its a timing issue where its not giving enough time to reach the shortcut before it does another command (click on map). I hope you fix this ty

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