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[35k+ xp/h & 400k+ gp/h] [Low Req's] ***ABCL 10 AIO Orb Crafter***

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4 hours ago, kevinbaker8888 said:

after it makes its initial trip, it doesn't bank properly....

If you haven't noticed, joe is yet to release the new update for his script.

I urge you to read the feedback left on threads before purchasing a script, so you know if the script is currently up to date or if there are any complications.

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The script does work, but not to its full potential. i feel like the way the bot operates there's a high chance of being banned. 
1) it takes the long way to the obelisk instead of opening the gate

2) is does "x" deposit x2 to eat food

3) it should drink a dose of stamina, bank, then get 81 cosmic 27 orbs to be max efficient

4) the camera rotation is not human like

good script other wise man, maybe some tips to make the antiban a lot better 

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On 9/14/2014 at 11:54 PM, JoeDezzy1 said:






paint artwork credits: @PillsburyRS

banner artwork credits: @JoeDezzy1


Please read before purchasing:


Hidden Content



Purchase: CLICK HERE








Change Log:


Hidden Content


Progress reports:


Hidden Content


How to use the script:


Hidden Content


How to report a bug:


i find it quite buggy. my account does 1 trip charges the orbs and doesnt use the tele out. would love to chat about it if possible.

Hidden Content



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On 11/16/2016 at 0:47 PM, Norminton said:

Is it possible to add back fire/water orbs?  I have an account I'm getting to high agility and would like to use the shortcuts in taverly dungeon for the fire orbs :)

Definitely possible, we will see how this new script works out for you guys first!

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